At Hiatt Hardware, we are specialists in the door hardware industry. Whilst door hardware may not seem like the most exciting topic; it is an exceedingly important aspect of your interior design. 

Providing security, safety, and all-important access points for your home, choosing the right door handle is vital. Not only this, but door handles can act as the final touch to your interior design. Regardless of whether you decide to choose a traditional or contemporary style handle, the finishes and designs of your door handles can bring a room together. 

Our specialists have put together a guide of four key aspects to consider when you are considering door handles. We hope to help ease any doubts or confusion you may be having about which door handles are suitable for your home. 

Where will they be installed?

The first factor to consider is where you will be using your new handles. Will it be in your bathroom, bedroom, or your external doors? It is essential to understand where you will need to install your new handles, as each door will have different requirements. 

Bathroom Handles:

Bathroom door handles require a privacy turn and release feature, operated by a thumbturn set into the handle. The lock and release system used on bathroom doors is ideal as they allow you to unlock the door and access the room in case of an emergency.

Bedroom Handles:

The bedroom is a sanctuary, a safe, private space to sleep and store your belongings. In turn, this means your door will want to be secure. 

Whilst usually fitted with a mortice lock for security, bedroom door handles do not necessarily require a lock; this is just an added feature to include should you wish to.

External Door Handles:

The entry to your home, your external doors offer personality and appeal to your home, giving a lasting impression on your property before entering. With the ability to increase the style and appearance of your home, choosing the perfect exterior door handle is essential. 

External door handle

Your exterior door handles need to be long-lasting and hard-wearing to protect against the elements, whether for your front door, back door or even your shed. This ensures your property remains secure and stylish.  

For external door handles, the purchase of a lock will be necessary. Opting for a five-lever mortice lock or a euro-lock will add an extra level of security to your home.

Will you need a door handle or a doorknob?

A classic choice, doorknobs are some of the most traditional forms of door hardware, with their use being widespread since we invented door hardware.

A more subtle style, period or more vintage properties favour doorknobs well. However, their installation does not have to be restricted to classic designs or traditional properties, as they can look excellent in contemporary homes.

Door handles remain a more modern choice, with their use booming in the early 1800s. By including a lever, door handles provide a better grip for any user.

Available in multiple finishes, styles and colours, door handles provide a range of options for your door hardware needs.

What finish will you need?

Deciding on the finish of your door handles is perhaps the most significant decision from an aesthetic perspective. The material or finish of your handles is essential and may depend on the style or design of your home. 

With such a wide variety of different finishes on the market, it can be challenging to narrow down your choice. From chrome to antique brass to matt black, the possibilities are overwhelming. 

Some of our most popular finishes include:

  • Chrome
  • Dual tone
  • Satin finishes
  • Matt black
  • Brass
  • Nickel

With the latest trends in door hardware favouring satin finishes, these styles have increased in popularity. By offering a subtly reflective sheen, satin finishes are very low maintenance door handles, only needing to be cleaned with a soft cloth when necessary. 

Satin finishes are available for handles in chrome, nickel, stainless steel, and aluminium, which ensures they suit a wide range of interiors regardless of your interior design style. 

The decision on which finish you should opt for is ultimately down to your personal preference. Regardless of your interior design, or the style of your property, pick a finish you enjoy. 

What is the style of your home?

Perhaps you want to choose door hardware that will complement your interiors based on the style of your home. 

Older, more traditional style properties will often be well suited to warmer, rustic finishes such as brass or antique black. The more subdued finishes look ideal when set against natural wood, stone, or neutral painted surfaces. 

In contrast, incorporating brighter, on-trend finishes such as chrome or matt black will enhance the contemporary features of the home and provide a stylish flair to your interiors. 

If you own a modern, minimalistic property, you will most likely want to reflect this style in your door hardware as well. For instance, by choosing antique style handles, whilst these will look flawless in a period property, you will find that they will look out of place in your modern home. 

With the fantastic array of door handle styles available, you are sure to be able to discover the perfect style for your home, regardless of whether you reside in a traditional, period home or an ultra-modern property. 

Who lives in the house?

The members of your household are also essential to take into consideration. For example, you may want to ensure that certain rooms are secure so that your children cannot enter or open the door with ease. 

Similarly, you will not want to install door handles with locks on essential rooms of the house, such as your kitchen or children's bedrooms, for general safety reasons. The last thing you will want will be for someone to become trapped in a room. 

Suppose your household contains members who have mobility restrictions, such as those with arthritis or elderly family members. In that case, this will also play into effect as to which door handles you should choose.

Doorknobs can be difficult to operate due to the twisting motion needed to use them. Lever door handles provide a much better grip, and the energy required to operate them is significantly less. 


So, now you have more information about how to pick the door hardware for your home. Hopefully, our expert advice will have given you more scope as to which style, finish and function your home will need. 

Why not browse our collections of door handles to find your ideal handle? No matter your style preference or home's design, we are sure to have your perfect choice. 

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