Do Not Take Space But Are Still There

The one too many benefits of over the door hooks are that they’re ‘there’ but not ‘there’. What we want to say is that all you need to do is hang them in your closet, room or bathroom doors and that’s all the space they’ll ever take. You do not have to make a special room for them with all the lack of space you have.



Just as displayed in stores, your huge collection of shoes and handbags do not have to suffer from being congested and damaging their appearance.

All you need is an over the door rack, which perfectly puts your accessories in a tidy fashion for you to easily access them and keep them organised. Moreover, you can be creative as well and organise them with colour coordination or style, whatever suits your purpose. 


Easy To Put Together

'Over the door racks' will not be a test for you, as putting it together is a 10 minute or slightly more process. All you have to do is hang it over whichever door you want it to be on or closet and then secure it.

At times, a quicker solution is to simply hang the rack over the door however securing just makes it a little more sturdy. Moreover, the rack is stable and sturdy enough to hold onto whatever products you hang on it as the door will be taking the weight.



Over the door hooks do not necessarily have to be limited to clothes and accessories. They can be designed for all sorts of purposes.

For e.g., if you prefer certain things to be readily available instead of looking them up in drawers and cabinets making you frustrated, the solution to your cry is an over the door rack. This rack would allow you to all your most-used spoons and knives and pans at a comfortable distance, while not being enclosed in a cabinet for you to constantly open and look for.


Getting an Over the Door Hook

Once you get an over the door rack for more space, it might give way to a bit of charity as well. Now that you’ve gotten yourself an 'over the door hanger' it’s time to organise your closet and bring the new installation to use. In doing so you clear out all your stuff and begin placing your most used items on the rack for instant access.

It’s highly likely that after you’re done organising you’ll get to know the reason for all of that congested space i.e. pieces of clothing and pairs of shoes that you no longer use. This is a great way to rid yourself of all the extra baggage and give them to someone whom they might benefit from.

Remember to get an over the door rack or an over the door hook, you do not need to be in absolute need in terms of ‘wanting more space’. Your reason could just be to get more organised or because you like the comfort it offers.