1. Can door handles be reversed?

Yes, door handles can be reversed. To use a door handle on the other side of your door all you need to do is turn the handle by 180 degrees and move it to the other side of the door. It will then operate exactly as it should.

2. Are door handles a standard size?

Door handles are available with various sizes of backplates, rose diameters and lever lengths. However, the ‘PZ centre’ size for a lock or bathroom door handle is standard and it should be 57mm to be used with standard UK locks.

Standard UK door locks come under various backset sizes and will be one of the following: 44mm, 57mm, 82mm, 107mm, or 130mm.

It is usually recommended to use 57mm backset (or 75mm length) mortice latches or door locks to use with Mortice Knobs and Lever on Rose door handles to avoid catching knuckles in the door frames while operating. However 44mm backset (or 64mm length) latch/ locks are recommended for the lever on backplate door handles.

3. Which door handles are best?

To choose the best door handle, you must first ponder on the following factors:

  1. Where will it be used
  2. The material/ finish you are looking for
  3. The style of your home
  4. Who lives in your home

When you decide on the style and functionality of the door handle you are looking for, be sure to get your high-quality door handles from Hiatt Hardware. We offer the best internal door handles and indoor hardware, with next-day delivery.


4. How do you replace a door handle?

Remove the existing handle

First, remove the existing handle from your door. To do this undo the screws on the cover plate, and gently slide both handles off.

Fit the new door handle

Slide the new door handles onto the door. Check to make sure the new handle works before securing the handle. Then screw the new door handle in place.

Your door handle is replaced!

Everything should now work as it should, your door handle has been replaced.


5. Can door handles be painted?

While many articles suggest you can paint your door handles, we highly recommend against doing this.

Hiatt Hardware door handles are of top quality, but trying to sand or alter your door handles for decorative purposes is not safe.


If you would like to change up your interiors, we offer hundreds of new door handles to choose from. You’re guaranteed to find something that you’ll love.