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Bathroom locks must provide privacy be reliable and long-lasting. Simultaneously, they should be moderately easy to force-open if help is required for the person inside the bathroom in the event of slips and trips, accidents or simply a minor fault that leaves the door locked from inside.

Lock types for bathrooms and toilets

Bathroom locks in a home usually have a spring lock release that can be activated using the thumbturn inside the bathroom. Bathroom locks are more modern than privacy locking mechanism as it also offers a lock release mechanism from the outside in case of emergencies. 

Ball-type doorknobs 

Privacy door knobs or Ball-Type Door Knobs locks are rounded and fit into the palm. These are typically fitted with a lockset; the inside handle has a button that can be pushed or turned to secure the door.

These door knobs come in various colour finishing suitable for interior doors.

Privacy door knob on a white door

Shop our collection of internal doorknobs by clicking on the image above.

Lever Handles

Lever-style locks operate similarly to ball-type ones but are much easier to install and manipulate than ball-type doorknobs. In addition, the door lock can be easily activated using a thumbturn provided with the door handle. These are recommended to be used with internal bathroom locks.

This is very convenient for places with high chances of getting locked inside the WC toilet, such as with children or older adults. This is the best lock type for an accessible bathroom at home or the workplace.

If you have a lever on rose handle, you could install it as a bathroom door handles using a separate thumb and release mechanism.

Minerva Lever Bathroom WC Door Handle Satin Nickel

Our Minerva Bathroom Handle in Brushed Satin Nickel. Shop this stylish door handle today by tapping on the image above.

Thumbturn and release

This type of lock typically comes as a set in a round shape. It has a small button that the bathroom occupant can turn on the inside. It can be opened from the outside if needed by turning the release. These much be installed with bathroom mortice sash locks. 

The thumbturn locks are the best choices for cloakrooms, especially where small children can easily lock themselves in and help needs to be at hand. 

Our Bathroom Thumbturn and release products are easily installed on doors and perfectly match the existing doorknob or door handle.

Brooklyn Door Handle Polished Chrome

The Brooklyn Lever on Rose Door Handle in Chrome with our Bathroom Mortice Lock and Bathroom Thumbturn in Chrome. Shop today by clicking on the image above.

Door bolts 

Door bolts or Barrel Bolts offer more privacy, suitable for shared living. However, they can't be opened from outside, so consideration must be given in households with small children or vulnerable adults.

We also offer bathroom door indicator privacy bolts, ideal for shared occupancy, student lets, offices or other workplaces.

They are straightforward to install on the door's surface as they do not need to be used in conjunction with any bathroom door lock mechanism. 

Bathroom Door Indicator Privacy Bolt Satin Nickel

Opt for a privacy bolt like our Bathroom Indicator Privacy Bolt. Click the image above to shop.

Chain locks

A chain lock will allow some handling from the outside while still giving the bathroom occupant enough privacy.

Our locking door chain comes with keys that allow you to lock the door from the outside, making this product suitable for multiple doors: 

  • bathroom
  • entrance door from the garage
  • laundry or pantry door
  • conservatory or garden door

The chain lock offers privacy and security, allowing enough open space to hand or receive items safely, check identity, leave a door open for your pets.

Brass Door Chains Polished Chrome

Shop our door chains by clicking on the image above.

How to choose the best bathroom lock

Choosing a bathroom lock depends on the type of door handle that you purchase or already have fitted on the bathroom door:

  • For a rose door handle, where the lever is attached on a small plate that can be either round or square. 
  • Lever handles require a separate locking mechanism that will allow locking the door for privacy and security.
  • When looking at locks suitable for workplaces or other public buildings, buyers must ensure that the chosen lock is easy to operate, can be accessed from the outside if there is an emergency according to the regulations in place in the UK. 

Other aspects to take into consideration are:

  • The product's quality - buying the locks from a trusted manufacturer like Hiatt Hardware ensures that customers will benefit from high finishing and after-sales care standards.
  • Style and handling - the lock's look and feel must work in perfect harmony with the door handle and fit perfectly to the room's general decorative style.
  • The lock's finish must match the door handle in shape and colour, be it chrome, satin, brass or black.

Bathroom Knob - bathroom lock

Secure your bathroom with the Chrome Thumbturn and Release Set. Tap the image above to shop.

Hiatt Hardware offers a wide collection of great, fashionable, functional bathroom locks that would offer a classy finish to any bathroom door. But why stop here? You might want to match this to other doors at home or the office. 

Our website enables everyone to choose from designs that cater to both modern and traditional refinement, from simple to more elaborate items at a click's distance.