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Choosing the Best Country Accessories For the Home

Country home accessories

Once upon a time, a country home was mainly associated with farmhouse kitchens, wellington boots, and knitted tea cosies. However, now we're well into the 21st century, that's all changed - and for the better!

In the modern day, that country home look is no longer the sole preserve of homes in the countryside and that's thanks to the wide range of affordable country home accessories. Some can be created yourself or bought new at stores like B&Q or online at retailers like Next.

Achieve a Balanced Look With a Range of Traditional Home Accessories

Balanced range of traditional home accessories

When you're attempting to add a country feel to any room in your home, you need to focus on balancing the old with the new – you don't want to go too far in either direction.

While you may want to add a classic and timeless look, you don't want to make your design cliched. You also don't want to go too modern.

A Great Country House Look Offers Rustic Charm

Rustic house interior accessories

The key to a great country style is to blend the most attractive elements of vintage interior design with a hint of minimalistic charm.

So, come with us now as we highlight a collection of methods you can use to create the perfect country look. Spoiler alert: It's more cost-effective than you might think.

Creating a Wonderful First Impression For Visitors

house entrance

Your home's entranceway is an area that sets the tone for the rest of the property. As such, the style you set here will have a big impression on visitors.

A traditional Kilim rug is a great addition to your home's entrance, with all of its hand-stitched details adding timeless class to the space. Add in a wrought iron bootscraper and a coat stand and you'll ensure your country look starts from the front door.

A nice piece of classic artwork or a large, ornately framed mirror will also do much to create the look you're going for when installed in your porch.

Opt for Natural Wood Photo Frames & More!

wooden photo frame

If you're considering a theme for your new country home look, expert interior designers say that the foundation is to add natural materials into the mix.

Whether talking about natural wood photo frames, clocks, artwork, or stone-effect flooring, you're aiming for your own unique take on the farmhouse look.

Complemented wonderfully by antique brass door handles, door hinges, and coat hooks, natural finishes create the base for all those extra touches you'll be adding later on. Speaking of which...

Accessorize With Rustic Materials

rustic living room

The range of available country-style accessories extends far beyond just photo frames, as you can add as many touches as you like - so long as they have a rustic theme.

For instance, why not add a few wicker basket pots, along with some adorable flower pots and rustic cement vases? This will allow you to bring some of your outdoor garden inside for a lovely traditional aesthetic.

Add Some Homely Soft Furnishings

living room of a country house

When you live a country life in a rural property, what hits you first is the cosiness of it all, which means that any country-themed look for your kitchen, living room, or bedrooms would benefit from the addition of a traditionally-styled item or two.

Look at an online shop or two for some pure wool throws with a traditional style, and you're sure to find something. Opt for a pastel colour that complements your existing decor. As such, in terms of soft furnishings, you should consider adding:

·        New light-coloured pastel curtains

·        Hand-stitched scatter cushions

·        A well-placed rug to fill vacant space

·        Some loose throws

Refresh Your Door & Cabinet Hardware

antique brass hardware

One aspect of your home you shouldn't neglect is the door hardware and cabinet hardware you have installed. So, let's take a brief look at just some of the amazing selections that we have in stock:

·        Door Handles - your home's door handles offer an important function, but can also have a big impact on the country-style look you're going for. Windsor lever, Marvel Lever on Rose, and Victorian Straight brass door handles offer a stunning appearance - hence why we've sold so many!

·        Cabinet handles - of course, you also have lots of other hardware in your living room drawers and kitchen cabinets. As such, there are a ton of options available. Harmonious antique brass, Conrad Pewter, and Willow Cracked Porcelain are just some of the options we're sure you'll love.

·        Other accessories - handles are far from the only sort of hardware you can use to create the country-style look you're going for. There are also keyhole escutcheons, letterboxes, and even door stops. Choose the right product blend and you'll end up with a gorgeously authentic flow throughout your home.

It's important to note that this is just a small selection of the available hardware, meaning that there's an ocean of possibilities out there for you to use for inspiration. Look at the Hiatt online store and you'll see what we mean!

Play With Texture & See What You Come Up With

Country home rustic decor

A central part of any modern country look is lots of organic, rough, and interesting textures - meaning your decor has that unrefined look. Go into the community or visit someone you know with a country-style home and you'll see these touches everywhere.

While dented pipes and scraped finishes are usually an undesirable outcome in interior design, in the country-style home, it's seen as something of a gift. Here, they may represent signs of aging and weathering, but they offer a welcoming and inviting feel.

Try Rustic, rough, highly-textured Country Home Accessories

Rustic home decor accessories

It's the informality of the country house style that gives it its charm, providing the kind of setting that lends itself to family gatherings and entertaining friends.

Try also to add layers of different textures, as they'll add cosiness and warmth to the style you've created.

Add Characterful Lighting to Your Home

lighting over the table

Typically speaking, when you look at country-themed homes, they're characterised by cosy, low ceilings, earthy tones and traditional door hardware. The trouble is that this kind of aesthetic can leave your home's interior feeling a little dark and gloomy.

However, by adding some modern lighting with a traditional twist, you'll negate this problem - particularly if it's layered. By combining pendant lights over the kitchen or dining table with free-standing lamps, a warm yet light look can be achieved.

Also, if you stick to the same type of finishes you've used for your door knobs, kitchen cabinet handles and drawer handles, you'll create a continuous traditional style.

Don't Forget Some Wonderful Floral Wallpaper

floral wallpaper

While all the accessories we've spoken about here will lend a truly authentic country style to your home, there's nothing more likely to complete your project than hanging some vintage-themed floral wallpaper.

A bright design with a delicate floral motif will lend a timeless feel to your property that begins the moment you walk through the front door. Broken up with some contemporary accents, a sophisticated modern/traditional balance is provided.

We've Got All the Door Hardware You Could Possibly Need

Hiatt door hardware

As we can see, creating the authentic country-style home you're looking for doesn't have to cost a fortune or involve lots of complicated DIY work.

Whether you add a completely new set of door hardware or invest in some cosy-looking soft furnishings, it's not going to cost the earth. In fact, the cost is sure to suit even the most modest of budgets.

So, if you're looking for some good ideas on the exact style and finish you want as part of your home enhancement project, check out the huge selection of door and cabinet hardware in the Hiatt online store, all available for next-day delivery.

That's it from us. We hope that our article helps you create the traditional home style you're looking for and that you'll check in with us again soon.

Until next time!