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DIY Metal Cleaning solutions For Your Door Hardware

Modern homes are filled with door hardware that offers function and a quite a bit of style too. They're mostly made of what can be described as sensitive metals like zinc tin and alloys, which can have a habit of becoming dull and dirty, especially in high-use areas.

The good news is that with the right sensitive metal cleaning solution - some of which can be found in your cupboards at home - you can have your door hardware looking great again without too much in the way of hassle.

The best sensitive metal cleaning solution may be in your kitchen cabinets

As such, you don't necessarily have to waste money on a specialist sensitive metal cleaning solution, as you may already be in possession of everything you need.

Most sensitive metals can be cleaned in this way, so, let's waste no time in examining the many DIY home options that exist.

Option #1 - Ultrasonic Cleaners

ultrasonic cleaners

Before we get into the options that are sitting in your cupboards, it's worth taking a look at the ultrasonic cleaner products you can find for a relatively low cost (from £40 and upwards). Ultrasonic cleaners aid cleaning by transmitting high-frequency sound waves through a liquid.

Then, any metal door handles submerged in these ultrasonic baths are cleaned through a cavitation process that involves passing 40khz sound waves through the liquid (deionised clean water). As the molecules vibrate, the metal surfaces are cleaned.

The great news is that cleaning in ultrasonic baths quickly removes grease oil lubricants and grime works on many different metallic door handles, hinges and escutchons, such as those made from aluminium copper zinc tin, and other metals.

With an operating temperature between 130 - 180 degrees Fahrenheit, it's something escutcheons be careful of when cleaning. It's not quite at boiling point, but it's close.

Option #2 - Ketchup For Copper!

ketchup for cleaning copper handles

Believe it or not, if you have copper or antique copper door handles, cabinet handles, or coat hooks, they can be kept clean - not using a concentrated cleaner or a solution specially formulated to aid cleaning copper - but with ketchup!

Why is this a working solution? Well, because it contains acetic acid and sodium. When copper isn't cleaned, the top layer oxidises, making it look tarnished. Ketchup is a metal cleaner that ably eliminates this layer.

It may not be a dedicated de greaser formulated for metal cleaning, but it absolutely works. Just be sure to rinse all surfaces thoroughly with clean water afterward. Also, if there's any grime left behind, you try one or two more new applications until it's gone completely.

Option #3 - Salt & Lemons For Brass!

salt and lemon for cleaning brass handles

If you've got brass cabinet handles, door handles, cabinet knobs, and robe hooks in your home, then another salt/acid combination is the right option for you.

This time, it's the citric acid from a lemon mixed with a little table salt that gives you the combination that beats oil lubricants and grime. However, you might want the hand you're using to be changed regularly if you have any cuts - because it will sting!

When it comes to brass oxidation excellent stain remover products don't come much more effective, even if you end up flinching regularly when the solution touches your cuts!

Option #4 - Toothpaste for Chrome!

toothpaste for cleaning chrome handles

Next, we look at chrome door handles, coat hooks, door stops, and cabinet handles that can be cleaned using toothpaste! Also, your toothbrush needs to be changed regularly, so make sure you keep hold of an old one, so you can give it a good scrub!

When using toothpaste on chrome, it's important that you're nice and gentle, however, as it can be easy to scratch. That's why it's best to use a soft toothbrush that has seen better days.

Simply apply it with a damp cloth, give everything a good rub down, and then buff it to a shine with a dry cloth. You might be surprised at just how shiny your chrome hardware is afterward.

Keeping Your Metal Door Hardware Looking Its Best!

So, as we can see, there are many options available when it comes to cleaning your metal door hardware. You could choose to invest in an ultrasonic cleaner, but you really don't have to.

Does an ultrasonic cleaner condition your hardware better than elbow grease? Not really, but it is more convenient and stress-free.

We have a wealth of door hardware in the Hiatt online shop that can make your home look amazing - so if you'd prefer something new, rather than a good clean, be sure to visit us and take a look around. Then, once you're happy with your selection, simply enter the product code and make your purchase.

That's it from us this time around. Be sure to check in with us again soon for more from the world of premium quality door hardware.