Your kitchen is perhaps the most vital room of your house, a focal point of your home. Essential for functionality and providing a social space for mealtimes, your kitchen needs to be a room you feel comfortable in whilst taking pride in your design.

Your kitchen project is an exciting time. Offering the ability to create your dream space from the beginning, incorporate your ideal paint colours and your perfect kitchen cabinet hardware ideas. Yet, it can be stressful at times.

With an abundance of choices available, it can be challenging to decide how to plan your kitchen and what products to choose, particularly regarding the hardware for your doors and drawers.


Kitchen with white interiors


Our article aims to guide you through the necessary choices to keep in mind when considering your new kitchen hardware, offering inspiration, suggestions, and helpful design tips.

So, whether you are planning a complete kitchen renovation or an economical refresh, choosing your kitchen cabinet hardware is undoubtedly among the most crucial aesthetic decisions you will make.

Whether you own a traditional or modern home, it is essential not to overlook your kitchen cabinet hardware. They are often the final fittings to your new space and can add the perfect final touch.

Choosing the right hardware can elevate your kitchen from basic and bland to high-end and stylish. Of course, the primary function of your kitchen cabinet hardware is to make your cabinets, drawers, and cupboards easily accessible. However, new hardware offers a straightforward and economical way to make a design statement and add individuality to your kitchen design.

So, are you wondering whether to pair your new marble countertop with wooden or metal handles? Are you worried your new cup handles won't harmonise with your traditional design? Are you concerned that your new shaker doors won't suit your dream polished chrome kitchen handles?

Continue reading to find your solutions from experts in hardware with nearly two decades of experience.


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Planning your kitchen cabinet hardware

Finding your ideal kitchen cabinet hardware can be difficult, but simply planning out your ideas can make the process much easier. 

You will most likely have an array of cabinets, drawers, and cupboards, which will require kitchen cabinet hardware as cabinet pulls and drawer pulls.

Choosing from a vast collection can be daunting, but with a clear plan, some design tips and stunning kitchen cabinet hardware inspiration, you can create your dream kitchen in no time.

When planning your kitchen design and choosing your kitchen door handles, there are a few things you should consider:


Your Style

Ultimately, the style of your kitchen will have the most significant impact on your search and final decision. Those with contemporary, modern kitchens will most likely prefer sleek designs with crisp, neat lines, such as those in our collection of contemporary kitchen cabinet handles

Alternatively, those who prefer a classic style will likely choose timeless, traditional designs like our vintage cupboard handles and our traditional cabinet knobs

Before purchasing your kitchen cabinet hardware, considering your kitchen design and aesthetic will be beneficial, regardless of your style. 


a stylish kitchen with gold handles


The Materials 

Whilst the design of your cabinet handles is essential, the functionality of your kitchen hardware is crucial. 

Choosing solid and robust materials for your cabinet handles is a great way to ensure your handles will maintain their style and functionality whilst withstanding frequent use. 

Not only is selecting the material of your cabinet hardware essential for their functionality, but each material will impact the overall aesthetic of your space. 

We have a range of options available, some of which include:

  • Metals: such as zinc, brass, and steel
  • Woods: such as pine, beech, and oak
  • Ceramics: with plain or patterned finishes
  • Plastics: with coloured or metallic finishes


Some materials will work better with certain cabinet styles and worktop designs than others.

For example, glossy cabinetry and worktops ideally suit bright, glistening metal cupboard handles. Alternatively, classic, solid wood cabinetry or worktops complement any style of handle well, from matching wood designs to stunning metallic door handle finishes. 


sleek handles on a kitchen cabinet



When considering your kitchen cabinet hardware ideas, taking into consideration the accessibility of your home is essential.

Some cabinet hardware designs can be more challenging to use than others for household members with restricted mobility or those who have difficulty gripping. 

Should this be a concern within your home, consider avoiding door handles with small hand gaps and any small cabinet knobs or door handles that may be fiddly to use. 

Alternatively, cup handles or bar pull handles allow for a much more comfortable grip on your cabinet doors and drawers, resulting in greater accessibility. 


cabinet knobs in a kitchen


Different Types of Cabinet Handles

There are many products on the market for hardware for your kitchen cabinets, from cabinet pulls and drawer pulls to cabinet knobs and bar handles.

The choice can be daunting and options endless. Therefore, we have broken down the most popular types of handles for your kitchen cabinets and drawers to allow you to gather inspiration for your kitchen cabinet hardware ideas.


Cabinet Knobs

A popular choice within modern and traditional properties alike, cabinet knobs are small design choices that significantly affect your overall kitchen design. 

Perhaps better suited to classic kitchens, cabinet knobs are highly versatile cabinet hardware that can elevate any kitchen.

With designs ranging from classic, bright metallic round knobs to smooth, natural wooden knobs, cabinet knobs provide an ideal choice for those who wish to experiment with their style. 

With a vast assortment of styles on the market, it can be challenging to decide which style of cabinet knob would look good with your kitchen style. 

For classic, country-style farmhouse kitchens, rustic, wooden knobs such as our Oak Ring Cabinet Knob will add a stunning, cohesive design.

Alternatively, choose round knobs with a ceramic structure and an intricate, painted pattern, like our Ceramic Cabinet Knob in Black & White Leaf, to add texture to your kitchen cabinets. 

For contemporary, modern kitchen designs, glistening metal styles in brass or chrome will greatly complement modern kitchen appliances and fittings. As a result, choosing cabinet knobs in complementary finishes results in a seamless, on-trend kitchen design.

Discover our collection of kitchen cabinets and doorknobs to find your ideal style.

Ceramic Cabinet Knob 40mm Black White Leaf

Cup Handles

The perfect kitchen cabinet hardware for a traditional kitchen design; we design cup handles for comfort and ease.

With a strategic shape, cup handles allow the user to have a good, solid grip on the cabinet or drawer before opening or closing. 

When paired with classic, Shaker-style cabinets, cup cabinet handles offer a timeless, elegant finish to your kitchen design. 

Our cup cabinet handle designs are of metallic materials, from chrome to pewter. Particularly popular, our brushed nickel shell pull cabinet handle, and plain cup pull cabinet handle in pewter are best-sellers. They can add a striking contrast to kitchen cabinets for an eye-catching finish. 

The traditional design of cup pull cabinet handles can also add an eclectic flair to industrial-inspired kitchens. Opting for rustic antique brass or bright chrome shell pull handles results in an outstanding, eye-catching finish. 

Shell Pull Cabinet Handle 64mm Chrome

Bar Handles

Perhaps the most prevalent cabinet handle style in kitchens worldwide is bar cabinet handles. Perfect for both classic kitchens and minimalistic, modern kitchen designs, the streamlined elegance of bar handles results in unmatched style. 

With various sleek, smooth, and sophisticated bar cabinet handle styles available, bar kitchen handles can look extraordinary in any space. Choose a slick chrome finish to enhance the seamlessness of your contemporary kitchen design, or opt for a subtle nickel finish to complete a classic kitchen design. 

Consider our drop bar handles as our Bail Pull Cabinet Handles for a distinctly traditional companion to a classic kitchen design. These handles combine classic metals with ornate and intricate designs to create a timeless, elegant effect. T Bar Cabinet Handle 160mm Chrome

Bow Handles

The curved, slim bow cabinet handles are elegant, adding a softer finish to your decor with their rounded shape. Bow cabinet handles will enhance your kitchen decor by offering the ideal cabinet hardware solution to contemporary and traditional kitchens.

We recommend choosing a bright, metallic shade like our brass plated Victorian bow pull handles for an on-trend finish. When paired with contemporary kitchen cabinetry, metallic bow handles will provide a distinctly modern aesthetic.

Alternatively, bow kitchen cabinet handles will add a cohesive, effortless finishing touch when paired with classic cabinet styles.

Victorian Bow Pull Handle 152mm - Brass

Do Not Be Afraid to Mix & Match

Many designers and homeowners alike will select one style of kitchen cabinet hardware to use across their space. However, the emerging trend of mixing cabinet knobs with cabinet handles has grown in popularity. 

We will often see mixed handles cohesively paired together by using the same finish, for example, using brass cabinet knobs with brass cabinet handles. However, you can also experiment with mixing metals and finishes to create a unique style that is truly your own. 

This trend follows the general theme of using pull cabinet handles, such as bar pulls or bow handle styles on kitchen drawers and using cabinet knobs on lower cabinets and cupboards. 


kitchen cabinet with mixed style handles


Kitchen Cabinet Handle Trends

Choosing your new kitchen cabinet hardware can be challenging, even more so when there is a vast range of styles, finishes and colours on the market. 

With cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, cabinet pulls, long handles, modern designs, traditional designs, and so many more to search through, starting with some inspiration to find kitchen cabinet hardware ideas is vital.

Looking at the latest trends in kitchen cabinet hardware can be a great place to start when searching for inspiration. However, as trends come and go, it is crucial to keep in mind that you should choose a style that complements your kitchen design, that you enjoy, and most importantly, that will last for years to come. 

Here, we will provide a short guide to some of the latest trends in kitchen cabinet hardware, sure to upgrade your kitchen in a stylish fashion. 


Matt Black Finishes

Although darker finishes on kitchen hardware are not a new emerging trend, incorporating the rich darkness of matt black kitchen cabinet hardware into your home is. 

Matt black is a popular trend in all hardware forms, from door handles and door knobs to light fixtures and household appliances.

Its sleek, contemporary design proves popular amongst homeowners and designers alike due to its ability to add a fantastic contrast to the crisp, neutral interiors seen so much today. 

With a distinct, bold finish, matt black cabinet hardware draws from a narrow colour palette of black, grey, and white to provide a powerfully striking effect on your kitchen design. 

Particularly suiting neutral kitchen designs with natural materials and accents, matt black cabinet hardware provides a luxury, timeless contemporary styling to any kitchen. 

Incorporate sleek matt black kitchen door handles like our Hot Bed Cabinet Handle to your kitchen drawer fronts. Then, opt for a complimentary mix of black knobs such as our Majestic Cabinet Knob to create an industrial-inspired kitchen with a striking contemporary edge.


kitchen with matt black handles


Gold Finishes

Able to add a glistening, warm tone to your kitchen design, gold-finished kitchen cabinet hardware provides an elegant design feature for your home. 

Popular within traditional properties, gold finishes such as brass are a compelling new trend, making their way into many contemporary kitchen designs. 

Gold hardware's bright, metallic gold finish is stunning against both dark and light kitchen cabinets, adding an eye-catching focal point to your kitchen. In addition, their ability to offset the blue tones in white kitchen cabinets adds the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers.

Brass was one of the first materials used in the creation of door hardware. However, the glistening jewel tones seen today are a far cry from the different styles and finishes seen in the past. 


gold cabinet knobs on a white cabinet


Antique Finishes

Antique tones, such as antique brass, brushed nickel and pewter, are often dismissed as too traditional. 

However, these deeper, rich tones offer fantastic character to your kitchen cabinets and cupboards. As a result, they are becoming increasingly popular with the rise in farmhouse style and rustic kitchen designs. In addition, antique finishes offer more dimension and texture to your kitchen cabinets, adding a rustic feel to a classic Shaker door style too. 

The rich, dark tones of brushed nickel and pewter directly contrast an antique brass finish. So those opting for silver undertones in their kitchen would benefit significantly from incorporating nickel and pewter tones over warmer toned finishes. 


antique cabinet handle on a kitchen drawer


Oversized Bar Pull Handles

Minimalism is an interior trend that has taken the world by storm in recent years. Bar pull designs are a sleek characteristic of minimalistic kitchen designs, often found in modern kitchens. 

Oversized drawer pulls are prevalent across many homes, working as both drawer pulls, and cabinet pulls. Generally, bar pull handles feature vertically on taller cabinets and horizontally for large drawers.

Long bar pulls range in length from 128mm to 1105mm, are ideal for long drawers which may be heavy. In addition, longer pull handles allow for the weight of the drawer or cabinet door to disperse, increasing the accessibility of your new kitchen and making life easier for any user.

The very embodiment of minimalism, bar cabinet door handles are of a simple, modern design. With various lengths available, bar pull handles are a highly versatile form of kitchen cabinet hardware. You can easily achieve a cohesive kitchen design by opting for a longer bar pull handle with matching smaller bar pull handles in the same style.

Rounded bar pulls, such as our 96mm Chrome T Bar Cabinet Pull Handle, have been popular for many years. These kitchen door handles are often the handle of choice for those undertaking a kitchen renovation project and requiring new kitchen hardware.


oversized bar pull cabinet handles


Discover Your Next Kitchen Cabinet Handles at Hiatt Hardware

The finishing touches of any project is an exciting prospect. To be able to see your complete design come together, knowing your hard work has paid off.

Whether you prefer the timelessness of a traditional kitchen or the minimalism of a modern design, we know that choosing the correct cabinet handles for your kitchen project is crucial. 

If you are looking for more inspiration, you can discover our complete range of cabinet handles, knobs, and door handles, door knobs, and drawer handles online today.

Every cabinet handle in our collection has an ergonomic design, offering comfortable use when opening or closing your cabinets and drawers, whether the user is the youngest or oldest member of the household.

If you need additional design or product help, contact us with your query. Call us at 0800 0590 950 or email us at, and a member of our team will be glad to help.