Stylish pieces of door fittings can combine elegance and fashion, improve the overall look of any home, and perform the critical purpose of opening and closing a door.

Pros and cons of door knobs

The main factor making the distinction between a door handle and a door knob is that door knobs have a circular head to operate the opening and closing mechanism. 

Door levers and door knobs are available in numerous styles and finishes. It is important to consider that the ones you select are matched with the other finishes of your home. 

Pros of buying and installing door knobs 

  • Tastefully designed, door knobs tend to add a touch of elegance and character to internal doors. 
  • Designs and finishes are abundant and go well with more elaborate ceramic, glass, and crystal cut finishes on top of the more conventional brass and silver coatings.
  • Door knobs suit both period and modern homes and could also match other furniture in the house.
  • A door knob is perfect for both right-opening and left-opening doors, saving you some money in the long run as you don't need to run back to the store and change the opening style.
  • The classic round knobs can improve shared accommodation security (someone who knows the trick could try to enter a room by fitting a wire under the door and applying pressure on the handle - commonly happens in shared student accommodation). 
  • It keeps younger children and pets away from the rooms you don't want them to intrude because they won't be able to grip and turn the knob with enough force.
  • Oval shapes improve the handgrip, as well as the squared ones. 

Ringed Mortice Sprung Door Knob Satin Nickel

Cons of choosing and installing door knobs

  • The grip is not as wide as on a door handle. Older adults with motor skills deficiency, people living with arthritis and young children will struggle to add enough force and grip the knob properly in order to exit or enter a room.
  • Door knobs must be installed back further into the door to avoid the user getting their knuckles on the door frame.
  • Hard to use with wet, moist or greasy hands.

Pros and cons of door handles

Door handles come in various styles, colours and finishings. Traditionally they are added to a backplate. The more modern levers are set on round rose and are becoming the preferred styles in new home builds and refurbishments.

Pros of choosing and instaling door levers

  • Handles are easy to use for opening and closing doors, even when having both hands occupied.
  • Everyone, including cats and dogs, can open door handles. To prevent this, some levers have an upward position that helps you lock the door.
  • A door handle is always fitted away from the door's frame, providing fewer chances of catching their knuckles on edge.
  • Various designs and styles make door handles suitable for both contemporary and conventional homes.
  • They are suitable for glazed doors.

Berkeley Lever Latch Door Handle Satin Nickel

Cons of choosing and instaling door levers

  • Some handles may not suit period properties if the internal doors are fitted with surface mounted rim locks.
  • It is essential to double-check that the door handle matches the door's orientation: a right-hand door requires a right-hand lever while a left-hand door demands a left-hand lever.
  • A handle's shape gets caught on loose clothes and bag handles, scarves or even rings - this could potentially cause unpleasant incidents.
  • Door handles include springs that secure the lever in position. Over time, these will require maintenance or a change.

Can you mix door knobs and door handles?

There is nothing wrong with mixing door knobs and door handles, although you may still want to keep the same finishing.

Look at how you want to open the door and who should have access to a specific room:

  • Door handles: Press down and pull/push the door open.
  • Rotating door knobs: Twist and swing the door open.
  • Non-rotating door knobs: Swing the door open.
  • Vertical handles: Slide the door sideways.
  • Horizontal handles: Pull the door/drawer out.

When changing the door knobs or replacing old door handles with new ones, it is best also to change the door locks and latches so that everything runs smoothly at the same time.

The selection criteria for door locks and door hardware must definitely include high-quality products, not only the design's uniqueness. The material used should be durable to prevent the need of replacing it frequently.