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Garden Gate Security & Other Ways to Keep Thieves Out

With home security hardware becoming ever more sturdy and able to keep burglars out, there's a tendency for criminals to start targetting people's gardens.

Believe it or not, the average UK garden contains as much as £2,234 worth of valuables - so there really can be rich pickings available for persistent thieves.

Good gate locks often deter burglars

As such, your garden gate security represents one of the only things protecting these valuables, however, often it offers a great deterrent.

In this article, we'll be looking at garden security in general, with a focus on gate locks and other gate security options.

Why Is Garden Security Important?


Prior to diving in to examine the garden gate security options available, it helps to understand why exactly thieves target gardens across the UK.

Every year, around 10% of gardens are broken into, with professional criminals breaking through garden gates to grab what's inside.

Opportunistic Thieves Love UK Gardens

When your garden security isn't up to scratch, thieves are able to break in, grab what they want and be away in seconds.

Opportunism reigns for these people, so if your gate locks, gates, and garden fence look solid and difficult to circumvent, it can be enough to dissuade entry.

Don't leave valuables lying around

Also, you don't want to be tempting burglars by leaving your high-value items like garden furniture, bicycles, and more unlocked and easy to steal.

Whatever garden or gate security you put into place, you should take the time to lock all of your goodies away in the shed, along with your lawn mower.

What Garden Security Options Exist?

When addressing your garden security, you should be considering a number of fundamental elements to ensure complete coverage.

Garden Gate Locks

garden gate locks

Perhaps THE most important and effective measure you can take to keep your garden secure is to fit a garden gate lock. In terms of gate accessories, it has the most impact.

Padbolt latches and auto-gate latches are just a couple of examples of products ideally suited to this purpose. Costing just a few pounds, they instantly make your garden harder to get past.

Another option is the safety hasp and staple a.k.a the padlock latch that's often fitted in tandem with a regular brass padlock to keep your garden gate locked.

Whether you have single or double gates at your property, these cost-effective additions can be enough to make a burglar question the wisdom of entry - particularly if an armoured padlock is used. explain how different types of lock can change your insurance


fence in a garden

Almost as critical to your garden security is the fencing that surrounds it. You see, it's no good having impenetrable garden gate security if there are holes in the fence.

However, if you have a fully-secured 6ft ledged and braced gate, along with fencing at the same height, it's not going to look very appealing to would-be opportunists.

High boundary walls are even better if you have them, as they provide an even sturdier barrier between thieves and your valuables.

Metal Gates

metal gate

Another great method for making your garden look more intimidating to burglars is the use of reinforced metal gates. Sure, you can jump over metal security gates, just as you can with wooden gates, but again, it's about perception.

With a metal security gate protecting your garden, rather than a standard garden gate, thieves will undoubtedly notice the money that's been spent on security and be put off.

Security Lighting

security lighting in a garden

Once you have a good garden gate lock in place and solid fencing all the way around your garden, you can deter thieves even more by fitting security lighting.

Your wooden gate may seem like a prime target, right up until they're bathed in bright 80-watt lighting that highlights exactly what they're up to.

Thanks to advances in smart garden lighting technology, it's possible to set up an effective lighting system for a minimal cost - so it's worth considering.

Additional security measures

CCTV camera in gardens

Your gate security can be greatly enhanced with the addition of an extra security measure or two, such as modern security CCTV cameras.

Making use of inexpensive gadgets like motion sensors and cameras, you can get a live feed of your garden broadcast through to your smartphone.

You can also get notified the moment someone unexpectedly walks through your garden gates, with the camera being triggered and potentially identifying the perpetrator

What's the Best Gate Lock For a Wooden Gate?

So, now we circle back around to look at the best possible options you have in terms of garden gate locks. There are a number of options available, so let's look at each one individually.

  • Rim locks 

    rim lock

    While there are some very secure non-key-operated gate locks on the market, the experts agree, the most secure available tend to be rim locks that can be unlocked from both sides. Just be sure to get a product suitable for outdoor use.

    Also able to be used on metal security gates, they provide keyed access to your garden and offer a good level of security that a burglar will think twice about attempting to break through.


  • Long throw locks -

    Also offering a good level of security for your garden are long throw locks that again can be operated from both sides with a key.

    Great for use on wooden gates, there's not much in terms of benefit when compared to rim locks, so the decision can come down to personal preference.


  • Hasp & staple locks

    hasp lock

    Another option we mentioned earlier is the hasp and staple choice that's typically installed near the top of the gate.

    This is a non-key option that's effective at what it does, but it comes with a limitation - you can only lock and unlock from the inside. Also, a separate padlock is needed.


  • Digital locks

    digital lock

    Keypad locks represent one of the more modern security measures designed to prevent unauthorised access to your outdoor areas.

    Usually fitted towards the top of the gate, this option is typically laid out in a vertical style and can be installed to most types of gate design.

    You won't need to remember to take your key with you with a digital lock installed on a wood gate, but you will need to commit your code to memory!

Other Tips For Keeping Your Garden Secure

You need to do everything you can to make those opportunist thefts harder than they otherwise would be. If you don't, you could be inadvertently attracting interest through the things you do...or don't do. Let's take a look at a few ideas.

  • Grow thorny shrubs - if you want unwanted access into your garden to be prevented, try growing shrubs with spikes or rose bushes next to your fence to provide further notice to passers by that intruders face a challenge getting in.

  • Don't make climbing in easy - when positioning large objects in your garden, like water buttresses, be sure to keep them far enough away from your garden so they can't be used as an impromptu climbing aid.

  • Anchor your garden furniture - if you have attractive, expensive garden furniture, try anchoring it down with concrete, so that it can't simply be carried away.

Can Your Gate Lock Affect Your Home Insurance Premium?

Most often, the locks and gate accessories you use on the wooden gates of your back garden aren't going to have too much of an effect on your premium.

The majority of insurance companies won't focus too much on your garden gate as part of their overall risk assessment of you as a customer.

Check your insurance policy fine-print

As such, they'll recommend that you have locks fitted to your gates, with some specifying that you should have key-operated locks.

If you're not sure, it's best to check the small print of your home insurance policy to ensure that you're doing everything you need to in order to avoid invalidating future claims.

Helping You Keep Your Garden Valuables Secure

As we can see, whether you have a wooden gate, metal gate, or security gate for your garden, there's much you can do to dissuade burglars from stealing from you.

The great news is that the measures needed are most often inexpensive and aren't difficult to implement. They just require a little know-how.

The choice you make for your own projects will depend much on your property, the area you live in, and the layout of your garden. That said, there's a solution to suit every need.

We thank you for taking the time out to read our blog and we hope that it results in your garden and everything in it remaining safe and sound.

We'll see you next time with more advice and guidance on the best locks and hardware that's available for your home inside and out.