Here are crucial tips you should take into consideration when purchasing a door handle to ensure you have the right one.

Backplate and the rose size

Ensure that you purchase a door handle with the right backplate dimensions and rose size. Take into consideration the marks and holes left by the older handles. The new backplate and rose should be able to completely cover these holes.

Lock or latch size

Another important thing to consider is the strike plate size in the door frame and the faceplate size in the door. If you need a replacement, ensure that the new latch matches the previous one. It should have the same size as the old one. If there are cut-outs left, the new latch should be larger to cover them.

Spindle size

In case you are fitting a new door handle with old locks and latches, take into consideration the size of the spindle. Ensure you carefully check the spindle hole’s width in the latch or lock so that you can purchase a handle that fits perfectly.

Back set dimensions

 The back set dimensions are crucial especially if you are installing a new mortice or latch on your doors. Back set dimensions start from the spindle hole to the edge of your door. It is pretty simple to install a lock or latch with the same measurement as the back set.

Centre measurements

Take centre measurements of all your doors with looks. The internal doors usually have a lock centre of 57 millimetres. This is the distance between the keyhole and the spindle.


Replacement of door handles does not have to be challenging. You just need to take the correct measures and make sure the features or old door handles are utilized when buying a new one. Otherwise, you will spend more try to replace all features in the door handles so that they can match the new one.