Home Storage Hooks - 6 Popular Hanging Hook Ideas to Keep Your Spaces Organised

Every home has them. In fact most homes have quite a few of them. But we don't really pay much attention to the humble hanging hook, which is perhaps a missed opportunity as they offer easy, inexpensive and versatile home storage solutions.


  1. Coat Hook Rails

  2. Door Hooks

  3. Wall Hooks

  4. Key Hooks

  5. Kitchen Hooks

  6. Garage & Multipurpose Hooks

Home hanging hooks work in a wide variety of storage situations. They are a simple, cost effective way to keep your spaces organised. In this article we'll look at hanging hook storage solutions around the home and explore examples of different hook types and their applications.

Images showing a variety of different hanging hooks - storage hooks for cloathes, kitchen utensils, keys and tools

Let's begin with one of the most popular kinds of storage hook, the coat hook rail.

1. Coat Hook Rails

Hanging up coats, jackets, hats and other outdoor clothing items is something most of us do when we enter our homes. Whether we use hooks in the porch, hallway, at the bottom of the stairs, under the stairs, in a boot cupboard or elsewhere by the front door, or indeed the back door.

Coat hooks can be single hooks or are often several hooks mounted together on a rail or wooden batten. They are generally fixed to the wall and are relatively large to accommodate heavier coats and bags.

The image below show some examples of coat hooks on-battens in different styles and finishes. Notice that they are all a similar shape, with a hook and longer prong above it.

Image showing storage hooks fixed to battens

While coat hooks often have a traditional look, they are also popular in more modern designs with a variety of contemporary finishes.

Home storage hooks - two coat rail hooks - one modern and one traditional

The image above shows modern coat hooks in brushed nickel finish on the left with more traditional, black iron hooks on the right.

2. Door Hooks

Door hooks offer a broader range of types compared with coat hook rails. Door mounted hooks either screw directly to the back of a door or are over-the-door design. ‘Over the door’ means that hook(s) fit over the top of a door without fixings, making them conveniently movable around your home.

Hooks that screw to the back of a door are often coat hooks, as seen above, although often they have a double or triple hook design, enabling more items to be stored at a single point. Double robe hooks are also popular for door hanging storage. They’re available in traditional and modern hook designs.

Small, traditional double robe hook in antiques brass with modern double hook with prong in matte black

Over-the-door home storage hooks offer more versatility compared to fixed hooks. The ability to move hanging hooks to different rooms in your home, or to use them only when needed, provides a more convenient hook storage solution – they're particularly handy in the bedroom, bathroom and utility room.

Home storage hooks - over the door rail hook - metal rail in polished chrome

3. Wall Hooks

Just like rail coat hooks and door hooks, wall storage hooks suit a variety of storage situations. Perhaps the most common use for wall hooks is in the bedroom and the bathroom.

In the bedroom, wall hooks provide storage for a range of items, including clothes, accessories such as belts, ties, anything with a strap, and even shoes using a wall or door mounted fabric shoe rack.

Home storage hooks - fabric shoe rack - door hook mounted

In the bathroom, hooks are often used to hang robes, towels, perhaps a shower caddy or basket.

Note: When choosing bathroom hooks make sure that they're corrosion resistant.

Bathroom wall hooks - hanging towels

Wall hooks can of course be screwed in place. But a popular option are self-adhesive hooks. Their main feature is they’re really easy to install and easy to remove without permanently marking your wall. The Grippa hooks pictured below give you an idea of single and rail adhesive wall hook designs.

Grippa brand self advesive wall hooks

4. Key Hooks

Having a dedicated place to store your keys, house keys, car keys and home lock keys, helps keep them organised and less likely to be lost. Key hooks are a great way to make sure you always know where your keys are. They're smaller, more compact than other hook types and are usually a rail or shelf design.

Note: Always make sure that your key hook is out of sight of your front door to prevent letterbox burglary.

Modern key hook with shelf

The image above shows a contemporary-style key hook design with shelf for additional, convenient storage space, and some nice ornaments.

5. Kitchen Hooks

Kitchen storage hooks offer an alternative to cupboard storage for utensils, pots, pans, and other bulky kitchen hardware items. Having utensils for cooking, food preparation and serving, within easy reach makes life easier, rather than having to open drawers or cupboards.

The kitchen hook rail pictured below is a good example, keeping a cooking utensil set together and tidy.

Larger kitchen utensils stored on a kitchen rail hook

A popular, on-trend alternative to fixed kitchen rail hooks are S-hooks, which are unfixed 'S' shaped hooks, often made of steel, that enable kitchen storage in a more relaxed way. S-hooks are not fixed to the rail, so items may not have a specific 'home', for a more fee-style kitchen vibe.

Individual S-hooks on a fixed rail can be used to store utensils and even ingredients.

Two examples of kitchen rail hooks - one storing utensils - the other storing ingredients in hanging bags

Image Credit: IKEA

The image below shows S-hooks in action in the kitchen. As you can see, each item has its own hook that can be placed anywhere along the mounted rail.

Kitchen S-hook storage along the wall space above the counter top

In some kitchen's hanging hooks are used to store larger pots and pans overhead to save cupboard and work space.

Hanging pots and pans on hooks

In the picture above, notice the hooks are fixed to a beam (although this could easily be a rail) for greater stability and safety compared with unfixed S-hooks.

6. Garage & Multi-Purpose Hooks

Just like the more utilitarian style of kitchen storage hooks, compared with coat hooks, door hooks, robe hooks etc., storage hooks for your garage or shed are a great way to organise space. Whether storing garden implements, work tools or larger items such as bikes or a lawn mower, hooks work in the same way as indoors.

These types of hooks tend to be larger and heavier duty, fixed hook, S-hooks and U-shaped hooks as pictured below for garden equipment.

Garage and shed storage hooks - bike and golf bag with storage racks - garden tools on a rail hook

Final Thoughts

So, the often taken for granted hanging hook offers many possibilities for storage and better space organisation anywhere in your home. And remember, how you use your hanging hooks is limited only by your imagination. For example, checkout the use of large s-hooks below in place of coat hangers.

Several pairs of jean stored using

Image Credit: eBay

Storage hooks are available in a huge variety of designs, styles and finishes, for a wide range of storage applications.

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