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How To Care For Your Internal Door Handles

How To Care For Your Internal Door Handles

In the rush of life, we forget that everything we own requires some sort of maintenance, especially in your home. Your door handles and door levers are no different. They're used daily but are often left without any sort of care. Corrosion and improper functioning can damage your door handle over time. 

Here are a few points to consider, in order to keep your door handles as close to 'new' as possible.

Precautions before Cleaning your Door Handles

Firstly, please read your door handle instructions for exact requirements for cleaning your door handles. Your door handles' material will decide how to clean and care for your door handles. This is due to the certain chemicals being harmful to a selected number of materials. 


Avoiding Moisture

Moisture invites rust. It is more likely to develop on a bathroom, kitchen and outside door handles, of course, due to the humidity and rain. Wiping your door handles in your bathroom and kitchen after a large period of built-up moisture can help your door handles last longer and avoid any rust or corrosion


Maintain the Auxiliary Parts

Don't forget about the insides of your door handles, as well as other hardware such as locks, latches and thumb-turns. These all need maintenance too and are used daily along with your handle. Often these parts can start rusting or damaging. Using a non-abrasive wax over and inside the parts of the door handle will ensure a corrosion-free locking and unlocking endeavour without damaging the parts.

Taking care of the internal parts is important because if the insides begin to rust they become hard to function causing them to jam. Moreover, this jamming and rusting could also make it easier for thieves and burglars to break into your house.


Keep your door handles clean

Door handles, especially inside restaurants, offices, and hospitals remain in a constant open and close routine. These touches can infest the door with germs we remain unaware of. There, we recommend to regularly clean door handles with a less than harsh cleaning agent, or an anti-bacterial cleaning wipe. You can also use soapy water. This regular routine is essential in bathrooms.


Polishing your Door Handles

Polishing your door handles weekly can keep them shining bright and look near to perfect as possible. Also, the polish will support in removing debris which covers your door handles. This debris over time can lead to corrosion in an extreme case. For stainless steel door handles, which a less than harsh polish which won't affect the offer of the material.