You may have thrown your wet clothes into your tumble dryer a couple of times instead of drying them in the sun. Have you ever thought of the effect this action has on the environment?

When you dry your clothes in a dryer, 3 kg of greenhouse gas is generated and realized in the atmosphere. The dryer also increases your energy bills and, at the same time, damages your clothes. Therefore, it is essential to consider drying your clothes in the sun instead of using the machine.

The following tips will help you when it comes to hanging your washing. If you follow these tips well, you will be saving a lot of money you can use for other things. Besides, your clothes will be grateful, and you will give them a smile when you look at them.

Use Hangers to Avoid Creasing

It isn't charming to collect creased clothes. One way to reduce creasing is to hang your shirts, T-shirts and dresses on coat hangers immediately after you remove them from the washing machine. Hanging your clothes directly on the sun saves you the hustle of ironing them.

A hook reduces the weight exerted on the garment because the water drips out, thus making them crease-free. When you hang your clothes on hangers, you will have an easier time putting them in the wardrobe.

Another way to reduce creasing is by shaking the clothes well after removing them from the spin cycle. Shake each cloth separately before hanging it on a plastic hanger. Shaking clothes minimizes creasing in many fabrics such that you may not need to iron them. However, linen and cotton shirts need to be rolled after drying.

Although there are other types of hangers, plastic hangers are the best to use. The wooden hangers can warp due to moisture while the metal ones rust, thus staining your clothes. You can convert your laundry room into a hanging space by placing hooks that can be used for hanging clothes. Using hooks creates more space for your clothes to air.

Save Space By Overlapping Corners Of The Clothes

The biggest challenge of hanging the washing is running out of space, especially when you have a lot of laundries. When pegging your clothes, overlap their edges to maximize the space. Apart from saving on space, you will also use fewer pegs. Check on the heavy fabric when overlapping because it may take a longer time to dry.

Hang Clothes Across And Not Along The Line

Hanging clothes across the line accommodates more laundry loads than hanging along. Ensure that your hanging space has a lot of light and airflow to prevent the clothes from becoming smelly and rusty before they dry up.

Hang The Socks Together

Socks have that annoying habit of getting lost. To prevent them from getting lost, hang them in pairs. The best way to hang stockings is to use the handling peg dryer, which you can get at an affordable price in many stores.

Using the handing peg dryer gives you a spot where you will be hanging your socks. It also makes it easy to put the stockings together and saves on space that can be used for other clothing.

Use Sunshine To Fade Stains

Have you tried to remove stubborn stains, and all the methods seem to fail? Utilize the power of sunlight to save you from trouble. The Sun is an effective natural method of fighting stains. The sunshine lessens the appearance of blemishes and makes the white clothes look brighter.

Turn Your Clothes Inside Out To Prevent Fading

Even though sunshine makes your white clothes brighter, it ruins the dark hues and bright colours—items that are colour-rich fade away when exposed to light. Hang them under a shade or hang them inside out if you are hanging them in the sun.

Add Protection Over The Clothes Line

Consider installing a tarp above your clothesline to protect your clothes from fading, birds poop, or torrential downpour. Tarp also makes your clothes dry faster.

Hang Well To Prevent Peg Marks

Peg marks are frustrating. To avoid the ugly peg marks, peg the T-shirts from armpits and dresses from the hem. The bottom should be pegged at the top and the top at the hem. Fold the waistband of shorts, trousers, and jeans over the seam or flip and peg at the leg hem.

Other hanging tips include:

  1. Removing excess water from hanging to make your clothes dry faster
  2. Drying the knits flat to prevent stretching
  3. Organizing your clothes in the different sections when hanging to save time when folding them after unhanging