We tend to underestimate just how much impact the fixtures in our home can have on its look, feel and overall décor. After all, it’s just a small door handle or drawer pull, right? Wrong! These subtle details can make a big difference and give your home an affordable and instant boost.

That said, if you replace your handles without care and skill, you could end up making things look much worse. As long as your new handles fit with ease and they cover all holes from screws, they will give your style and room décor an elegant update.

Follow these simple tips in order to make the process simple and fast.


Backplate Dimensions and/or Rose Size

Assess the dimensions of the backplate or rose diameter of the new door handles you have in mind and ensure that they will cover all of the existing/old holes or marks from previous handles. Try not to get your heart set on a specific option before you check out all of these holes – you’ll need to ensure that whatever option your choose covers them easily.


Centre Measurements

If you are fitting new handles to a door with a lock (or multiple locks) you should take the centre measurements into consideration. Internal doors that connect the rooms in your home have lock centres of 57mm in most cases. This is the distance between the door handle’s spindle and the keyhole centre point.


Backset Measurement

Before you install a new latch or lock, you should have a look at the backset measurements on your current doors. The backset measurement is the distance from the centre of the spindle lock all the way to the door edge. Want to reduce your hassle? It’s always best to install the same sized lock or latch that is already there – this will dramatically reduce the work involved in the process.


The Latch and/or Lock Size

Are you replacing any old door latches? If so, you need to assess and consider the faceplate (inside of the door) and the strike plate (you will find this on the door frame. This is important, as your door will have been morticed for the current latches and locks. If you are installing a new latch, you should select one that is larger than the current option, as it will hide the cutouts.


The Spindle Size

Finally, when you are fitting and installing your new handle and keeping the same sized latches or locks, you should always assess the thickness of your spindles or the follower (spindle hole). Ideally, these are already the standard UK sizing (which is 8mm²), allowing your new handle spindles to fit right in with ease.

If you follow these simple tips, replacing your door handle is a quick and easy job.