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It can be incredibly annoying and not a little frightening when a door suddenly slams shut, however, this is a common occurrence in most homes.

So, obviously, the only way to stop this from happening is to learn how to rectify the problem in a permanent way.

So, where can you learn how to stop a door from slamming? Well, you can find out right here, as we cover a number of ways in which you can reach a successful outcome.

There are a couple of primary reasons why doors slam. Let's see what they are.

Door slamming reason #1 - Irregular-shaped door

The first cause of door slamming is irregular-shaped doors that don't hang perfectly vertically in line with the door frame. This naturally leads to improper fitting and a slamming door occurring without any external forces being exerted.

This is especially the case when the door in question is solid and heavy, as this will cause it to bang and slam shut each and every time it's closed.

The only way to rectify this problem is to re-hang or even replace the door with one that's not misshapen.

Door slamming reason #2 - airflow

The second main cause of doors slamming shut is the wind. When you have a window or door open in another part of the building, the result is a disparity in air pressure.

High air pressure always moves to a lower pressure area, which in most instances means that it flows outside causing a through draft.

Air currents like these can move very quickly, so it's perhaps not that surprising that the resultant door slamming can be quite loud and alarming.

This is something that will keep on happening until the flow is stopped by a door or window at either end being closed.

Solutions that prevent slamming doors

The good news is that when learning how to stop a door from slamming, there are a number of measures that can be taken to solve the problem. There are options to suit even the smallest of budgets too.

So, sit back and relax as we take you through some of the solutions that you can use.

Use an overhead pneumatic door closer

Overhead door closer on a wooden door

One of the most common ways people circumvent the door slamming problem is to install pneumatic door closers.

Installed at the top door and connecting to the door frame, this type of door closer actively stops the door slamming shut using hydraulic pressure, thereby making it impossible to create a loud noise.

Door closer = no more trapped fingers!

It's also possible to adjust the pressure of this type of overhead automatic door closer, allowing you to control the precise speed at which the door will always close.

So, no matter how windy it is, your door closer provides the reassurance of knowing there'll be no more trapped fingers or other door slamming-related injuries.

Install Anti-Slam Door Hinges

A hinge

Our next solution when considering how to stop a door from slamming is to install the aptly-named anti-slam door hinges.

These useful door hinges slow down the door as it closes, preventing it from slamming shut. They do cost a little more when compared to standard door hinges due to their more complex design, but when preventing injury and noise, price is much less of an issue.

An almost invisible solution

These hinges work in a very similar way to the overhead automatic door closer option mentioned in the previous section but in a less obtrusive and obvious way. In fact, the solution is pretty much invisible, even when the door is open.

A great option for preventing door slams if you're going for a more minimalist approach to interior design.

Consider using a door sweep (a.k.a. weather stripping)

While our first two solutions to prevent a door from slamming are attached to the door frame, our next option - the humble weather stripping door sweep - is attached to the door itself.

Acting also as draught-excluder, a door sweep (sometimes called door seals or weather stripping) looks just like a brush that runs along the entirety of the bottom of the door to slow down its movement.

Installed in minutes!

Door seals like these are amongst the easiest options to install, as they typically only take about 10 minutes to affix. Should a big gust of wind catch a door with one of these attached, it might not stop the door from slamming completely, but it will minimise the effect significantly.

What about a simple door stop?

White rubber window wedge used to stop a glass door

When trying to stop a door from slamming, there's perhaps no simpler or more cost-effective option than to buy a doorstop or two for your home.

Employed by jamming one - thin end first - under the door, you're effectively locking it in place until you decide otherwise.

Great for propping doors open

This option comes with the added benefit of being able to hold doors open too, but it's not a great choice if you don't want to have to keep pushing it into place manually.

A door wedge stops a door from slamming while open, but it's not that practical for a general problem with slamming doors.

Floor mounted door stops

Another type of door stop you could try to protect your walls is the floor-mounted variety, which usually involves drilling two holes into the floor.

Normally made from steel and coming in a range of different finishes, they're screwed permanently in place between wall and door, with the integrated rubber stopper preventing unnecessary damage.

You could try a door slam stopper

Another really cost-effective option that will prevent your door from slamming continuously is the door slam stopper. This gizmo is basically a c-shaped piece of foam that you can pick up for no more than a few pounds online.

They're instantly installable and prevent the door from closing completely into the door frame.

No installation required whatsoever

Also able to be pushed into place onto the door frame, once in place, you'll have no problems stopping the door from slamming shut.

This is a suitable choice if you have young children in the house, as it all but eliminates the risk of getting little fingers trapped, even if the wind catches the door.

How about some felt pads on the door frame?

Next, we look at one of the cheapest anti door slam products to help stop your door from slamming, felt pads - the kind used to protect furniture.

By repurposing these little self-adhesive felt pads, you can stick them to the top and bottom of the door edge or the door frame itself.

Kiss goodbye to loud bangs!

If you complement the effect of these felt pads by also sticking a couple to the strike plate, there should be enough cushioning provided to stop unpleasant loud bangs.

The felt pads work by absorbing all the impact when the door slams shut and hits the door frame.

Replacing tired/loose door hinges

We couldn't write an article about preventing doors from slamming without talking about the fact that the issue is sometimes caused by tired or worn hinges.

When this is the case, the problem can be rectified simply by replacing them.

However, it might not actually be that complicated, as your door could regularly slam shut because the hinge screws have become loose, with a simple tightening job being sufficient.

It also pays to check alignment, ensuring that the hinges are completely vertical.

Wall-mounted door stops

a spring door stopper

The last item on our list is not a true door slam preventer, as it won't stop a door slamming inwards, but it does offer some benefits.

What it will do is prevent damage from being caused if your door were to be caught by the wind or opened with some force.

Easily screwed to the wall, this interesting gadget provides a flexible barrier between the wall the door handle. Most of the time, you'll find these products feature a coiled spring, with a plastic or rubber tip.

Similar products like hook-based door stops can also be installed and allow the user to fix the door into an open position.

In Conclusion

No one likes it when doors slam shut, regardless of whether you live alone or with a large family.

As we've seen, there are a number of soft door closer products out there to stop it from happening and many cost very little to install.

From hydraulic door closers with air-filled piston technology to door silencer rubber products to simple door stops, there's a myriad of ways you can stop door slamming from happening.

So, why not bring some peace and tranquility to your home by using one of these solutions today? Browse our door stopper collection now!