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How to Upcycle Second Hand Furniture 

How to Upcycle Second Hand Furniture 

Here are timely tips you can use to upcycle old furniture. 

Find second-hand furniture

If you do not own any old furniture, you do not need to worry. You can source second-hand furniture from many different places locally. There is always someone looking to get rid of old furniture. You can check at auctions, car boot sales, online sites like Preloved and charity shops. Online sites give you a wide range of options to choose from and give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for second-hand furniture. 

Choose your style

If you are going for an antique look, go for carved or raised mouldings and curved finishing. Most upcyclers go for an authentic look. If you prefer the contemporary look, go for items with simplicity and clean lines like straight leg and flat front drawers. You can top off the look with perfect cabinet knobs. It is essential to assess the quality of the furniture items you want to buy before closing the sale to only invest in the best solid built items. Just because it is old does not mean it should be chipped or out of shape. 

Paint the furniture

There are numerous DIY painting methods you can use. If you are new to this, YouTube has numerous DIY videos to help you. You can also consider taking short online courses on upcycling. Milk, eggshell paints, and chalk paints are the best choice for second-hand furniture. Ensure you have the right painting skills to get it right the first time. 

Look for inspiration

Online sites like Pinterest have a lot of ideas that can inspire your upcycling projects. You will find ideas for upgrading second-hand furniture and also painting blogs for upcycled furniture. You can check out any furniture painting book by Annie Sloan for great examples to help you create a mood board for your painting ideas. 

Find your style

Different furniture comes with varying styles of painting. Instead of copying what others are doing, tap into your creative side by creating unique painting ideas that suit your preferred style. You will be surprised about the genius ideas you can come up with for your upcycled furniture. This is the best way to create a theme that suits your home’s décor. 

Paint in a well-lit room

When picking colours, ensure you do so in a well-lit room away from coloured or fluorescent lighting. This will ensure you get the right colours for your furniture. Also, paint your furniture in well-lit areas to get the right combination.

Work in an organized workspace

Before you start the upscaling process, arrange all the material you need to make the upgrading process easy. Undertaking the project in a secluded space in your home is the best way to prevent damaging other items. Use plastic storage boxes to sort and clear items.

Prepare adequately

Before you start working on the furniture’s surface, prep and prime the item, and wipe all the dust and debris. If there are scratches, dents, or paint peels on the items, sand them properly before working on them.

Invest in good brushes

Investing in high-quality brushes will ensure your painting process runs seamlessly. They are also easier to clean and store for future use. 

Protect your upscaled items

When using milk or any other water-based paint, ensure you use an extra moisture layer for protection. This is achieved by adding wax or varnish to the paint. High usage areas required at least two coats of varnish or wax. This layer of wax gives your items a beautiful, shiny finish. 

With these tips, you can turn any second-hand furniture into a brand-new addition to your home.