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Modern door handles for 2023

If you're looking to breathe some life into your home for 2023, then you'll have your eye on the latest home decor looks, themes and items to brighten your abode.

One particular area that often gets overlooked during the planning stage for home refurbishments is door hardware, but you do so at your peril, as they can make or break your home's entire look.

YOUR Door Knobs & Handles Matter

Getting the right style and finish when choosing contemporary door handles can really make the difference, so it pays to pick them well.

That's what we aim to help you with here, as we look at what's currently on track to be big in 2023 for homes up and down the United Kingdom.

Popular Contemporary Door Handle Finishes

First, we'll be looking at door hardware finishes and colours - as they can have a large bearing on the aesthetic they provide.

We'll then move on to the most popular shapes and styles of contemporary door handles that manufacturers have in stock for us all this year.

So, What's Hot in Door Hardware Colours & Finishes For 2023?

Brass Door Hardware

brass door handle

There's been a growing trend during 2022 for opulent interiors, which means that brass door knobs and handles have made a big comeback.

Both antique brass door handles and brass-plated door knobs are increasingly being seen adorning cabinets, and internal and external doors - despite being more classic than contemporary.

That said, just because something is traditional, doesn't mean it can't also offer an elegant and modern look, as part of a luxurious, yet modern theme.

Polished Chrome Door Handles

chrome door handle

Offering a timeless aesthetic, we have another stylish option for your home's doors that's as classic as it is modern-looking.

Chrome bathroom privacy door handles are particularly widely used in modern homes due to their neutrality and ability to suit a range of different themes.

Chrome Just Doesn't Date

The great thing about polished chrome is that it doesn't date and the versatility of contemporary door handles with this finish means they will likely stay in place well beyond your next home decor refresh.

Matte Black Cupboard & Door Handles

matt black door handle

Another great - and extremely sought-after - option right now is the contemporary door handle with a matte black finish.

It's not difficult to see why either, as they exude modernity, whether talking about cabinet door knobs or bathroom door levers.

Complementing a Range of Colours

It's possible to create a real statement when you combine this kind of door handle with a light-coloured or white door.

Natural wood looks great with black too. Ultimately, it's a little like chrome in that it's suitable for combining with a range of different colours.

Satin Finish Interior Door Hardware

Our last popular interior door finish is satin, which offers a subtle gloss and is surprisingly resistant to smudges and fingermarks.

This ease of maintenance is an obvious plus point, as is the modern style that it lends to your property - whether used inside or out.

Popular 2023 Satin Nickel Door Handle - Kempston

Great for contemporary interiors

One thing that seems to run through all of the finishes we've talked about for external and internal doors is the fact they match a range of different colours and themes.

Let's Talk Popular Handle Styles!

As well as being offered in a variety of stylish finishes, contemporary door handles are also available in a range of shapes.

Let's see what's going to be hot in door handle shapes in 2023, shall we?

Lever handles on rose

lever door handle on rose

A glance at the home decor scene on Instagram and Pinterest at present will show you that a classic, minimalist look is also in vogue, and elegant lever on rose options are certainly popular as a result.

Versatile, easy to operate and coming in squared and rounded handle options, buy lever on rose products from your local hardware shop and you're assured of a modern feel for your home.

Mortice Contemporary Door Handles

Again we have another classic style having something of a renaissance, with homeowners turning to the stylish from yesteryear for modern inspiration.

As such, you have the classic mortice door knob on rose having a resurgence in the coming 12 months. You've only got to read a couple of interior design product reviews to see that!

A wide variety of design choice available

What we're talking about here is beyond the norm, as there is a selection of stunning options available like bubble glass on chrome or faux antique brass to choose from to enhance your home.

2023 - A Year For Opulence, Minimalism & Modern Classics

If you take anything from reading this post, it's that all the indications are that 2023 will be a year in which people create looks that sit at opposite ends of the spectrum.

On the one hand, you have some opting to have modern, minimalist door hardware fitted and on the other, you have opulent styles that lean towards to the grand and luxurious.

Underpinning both, you have reworked classics that offer a timeless aesthetic to any home you add them to. The only problem for you is having to choose between them.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading our blog and that you it helps you find exactly what you're looking for.