With house prices rising and the cost of living squeezing budgets, home remodelling has become more popular than ever as people are discovering the joys of renovating their homes to suit their needs rather than looking to move. 

From bathroom and kitchen upgrades to adding extra floor space, even minor improvements like choosing new door knobs and handles to replace old or worn-out fixtures, fittings, and furnishings can give your space a new lease of life. 

But what are 2023’s most popular indoor and outdoor renovation projects? We’ve looked into Google search data to find out.

2023’s most popular indoor renovation projects

1) Mosaic Tiles 1,128,000 searches May 2022-April 2023

Taking the top spot as the most popular feature for renovations in 2023 are mosaic tiles. 

These nifty little tiles are perfect for creating a stunning visual feature by adding texture and dimension to a space, which can be complemented by new cupboard handles to keep your hardware surfaces looking brand new too.

Whether it's a simple design on a backsplash or an entire wall in your bathroom or kitchen, mosaic tiles are easy to install as they’re usually attached to a mesh backing and spaced perfectly to seal with grout. 

Before you begin installing your mosaic tiles, make sure the surface you’re applying the tiles to is completely level so the tiles don’t stick out. 

When you’ve planned the layout of your design, it's best to begin your installation at the centre, getting full sheets of tiles down before cutting and shaping them to fit around borders and difficult corners.  


2) Terrazzo Tiles 717,500 searches May 2022-April 2023

Up next are terrazzo tiles. These speckled tiles are made of fragments of anything from quartz and marble to glass and metal set into cement or epoxy, and when paired with antique or brass cabinet handles in the kitchen or bathroom bring retro flair to a space. 

They are ecologically friendly too, so it’s no surprise they take second place with more than 717,000 searches over the last twelve months. 

After successfully installing your terrazzo tiles, you’ll need to polish or sand down the tiles the same way you would with natural stone or marble floors. This will help level the tiles and even their tone and shine to achieve the perfect finish.  


3) Textured Tiles 522,000 searches May 2022-April 2023

Textured, or tactile tiles, take third place for 2023’s most popular indoor renovation trend. 

These decorative tiles are perfect for feature walls as they create a sculptural effect, adding depth and movement to a room without going wild with colours or patterns.

While textured tiles can liven up a space by adding a tactile quality to a feature wall, their shapes often mean they can be trickier to add grout to. So make sure you wipe down the tiles you’re about to install with a damp cloth. This will stop grout from sticking and make it easier to wipe off the excess. 


2023’s most popular outdoor renovation projects

1) Pergolas 1,570,500 searches May 2022-April 2023

If you already have a patio or outdoor seating area, pergolas are the perfect addition, extending living space outside the home, and bringing shade and protection from the elements so you can enjoy more of your garden. These structures lead the way as 2023’s top outdoor renovation trend, with more than 1.5 million Google searches over the last twelve months.   

You can buy pergolas as kits, but they’re also pretty easy to build yourself. Just make sure to treat the cut ends and the feet of the posts with wood preservative to prevent wood rot which could make the pergola unstable and even dangerous. 


2) Outdoor Showers 745,500 searches May 2022-April 2023

In second place are outdoor showers. This practical addition to your home is perfect for keeping your home clean by washing off mud and debris that could otherwise get brought inside the house. Searches for outdoor showers totalled more than 745,000 over the last twelve months. 

Before you begin installing your shower, consider its location carefully. Sunny areas tend to make the best locations, quickly drying the surfaces and preventing potential issues with damp. You’ll also need it to be close to the house to easily connect it to your hot water supply.  


3) Garden Bar 569,400 searches May 2022-April 2023

Up next are garden bars which have rocketed in popularity since the cost of living crisis as more people are entertaining family and friends at home, rather than taking costly trips to the pub. From tiki bars to shabby chic, there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to building your own garden bar.

You can have your own specially-built bar installed, but garden bars can also be built by renovating sheds too if you’re looking to save on cash. Before you assemble your bar, make sure you choose the right place. A level surface with good ground conditions and away from any overhanging trees is the best place to start.


Beginning with a list of indoor and outdoor renovation trends taken from list articles, we used Google Ads Keyword Planner to find the total number of global searches for each trend from May 2022 to April 2023.