No door is finally complete without a perfect door handle or door knob. It is often ignored during the process, but it will make a big difference in your house's style. If chosen carefully, internal door handles or door knobs can easily establish the design of an entire room. Think about them as the jewels or accessories of your house.

Our internal door handles have great functionality and features that work with any style of property. You can choose from a large variety of styles and colours to suit your taste and give your home's interior design a fresh new look.

There are many alternatives when you decide to change or replace your worn-out internal lever handles. Categorised by type, colours, size, or style, door handles will can your final decision harder than it seems. But without any doubt, when you decide what type of handles you fancy and choose to complete your purchase, once installed, they are sure to complement your home the most.

Choosing the Right Door Furniture

From our customers' experience, choosing between a lever handle or a knob can be a big decision. Both are available in amazing styles in many different finishes.

A door knob is probably the most common design of door furniture. It has been around for quite a while, and it is an excellent feature for your minimalist, modern settings.

You can search here and find your favourite door knobs.

On the other hand, door lever handles provide a better grip. With a more natural look than door knobs, these handles are easier to use for everyone, offering the look, strength and security needed for all areas. They are also a practical option for public settings or commercial sites.

You can choose your favourite door lever handles from our large variety of options.

Choose the right door furniture

Interior Handle Styles & Designs

Whether you prefer to keep your style minimalist or you want to use different handle designs, we have a range of products to choose from.

#1. Door Handle on a Back Plate

They offer the most classical appearance and look great in a traditional design. The back plate is ideal to conceal any old marks or screw holes on your door.

#2. Door Handle on Roses

Suitable for most users, these handles are very simple to install. The roses, where the handle connects, can be round or square. People are sure to notice your modern interior doors if deciding to choose such lever on rose handles.

#3. Sprung Mortice Door Knobs

Whenever you choose mortice door knobs, make sure you order the right size, especially if you replace an existing knob.

Sprung Door Knobs can be slightly harder to turn specially for older family members or people with arthritis.

These are available in both traditional and modern designs and finishes making them suitable for any property.

#4. Un-sprung Mortice Door Knobs

These do not spring back which makes them very easy to turn. However they are required to be installed with heavy duty mortice latch mechanism to latch or open the doors.

These are available in contemporary styles with smooth polished finish or traditional antique finishes which makes them a popular choice.

#5. Rim Knobs

These rim knobs handle must be used with a rim lock.

Which Door Handles are Best for You?

Probably the first step in choosing the best door handles for you is to decide how much you are willing to pay. If you want to change the handles for all of your entries, count the internal doors in your house. The best idea is to get door handle packs that will cover all your interior doors.

Don't forget to include the ones that require key locks or bathroom locks. You can buy these separately from our website to complete your door handles installation.

Once you've set up your budget and how many doors there are in your house, you have to think about the existing home decorations and furnishings.

If you are looking at a newly built house, write down a plan with the look you're trying to achieve.

It might seem odd, but you should consider the persons who will be using these doors. With children and youngsters at home, chrome door handles or polished stainless steel will need cleaning more often.

A combination of both polished and brushed finishes will require less effort to keep them clean. However, if keeping your property a safe place for your children is the most important aspect, you should avoid the door handles with geometric or pointed levers.

Tips to Consider When Picking Up a Door Handle

There are some key elements to consider when first buying your door handles.

Probably the most important is the ‘style’ of your future door handle. You might be surprised but a good choice of door hardware can increase the value of your property and might be an important factor to consider for an eventual sale.

Define your style

#1. Check Your House

Start by looking at your home from both the inside and outside. Get a complete picture and notice the style of your home. Is it modern, Hampton, British, Tudor style? Define your style and choose the handle patterns depending on the information you've gathered.

#2. Match the Door Handles with Your Home

Continue with the matching process.

Do some research on different social media pages to make sure you're following the trends for door furniture. Consider a two-tone finish on your internal door handles if using chrome in your bathroom.

#3. Choose The Right Material

Everything you need to know about a handle's material is that the perfect material is linked to the purpose of the use (different for entry doors than internal ones, increased security etc.).

The best door handles have a micronised finish for a longer life duration.

Extra tip: The brass types are the best, and the stronger the material, the better. Please search for the prices on our website.

#4. Consider the Door's Role

Does your room need privacy? Or just a latching?

You may need Privacy door handles for your bathroom, bedroom or storage areas. Lock door handles or Bathroom lever handles are ideal choices.

For other common areas such as lounge, dining rooms or hallways you would simply require latch door handles to keep your doors shut.

#5. The Finish

There are so many handle finishes that we can't list them all. From traditional brass finishes, contemporary chrome or satin finish to modern dual-tone and matt black finishes, your door handle searches might seem impossible to end.

Remember whatever finish you choose for your interior door handle, it must sync with your interior room décor and hardware such as cupboard handles or door hooks.

The Most Looked For Handle Doors Shapes

The shape is another crucial element when looking for internal door handles. The following handle shapes are most wanted:

Oval Handles

Recommended products:

Oval handles - Oval Mortice Door Knob Black

Round Handles

Recommended products:

Round handles - Marvel Lever on Rose Matt Black

Angular Handles

Recommended products:

Angular handles - Scylla lever on rose door handle chrome

Classic Handles

Classic door handles look like a large backplate accompanied by a curved handle. Recommended products:

Classic handles - Capri lever bathroom door handle brushed nickel

Find the Perfect Door Handles

Now that we've detailed some of the best tips on choosing the perfect internal door handles and what handles match your style and design, we can only hope that we've narrowed down your options.

For more information about choosing the right design or accessories for your doors, feel free to check out our website for other related articles:

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