Today, there are many contemporary designs of door handles in the ironmongery market to match every type of interior, be it residential or commercial.

The latest trends tower to satin finish mostly; however, depending on each personal style, here are the most sought after door hardware styles:

  • Satin finish

The finish of satin stars a subtle gloss that holds well against fingerprint marks and smudges, making it a low maintenance finish. This is why the satin finish is the most trendy option for busy homes where style and serviceability align.

Satin finish suits contemporary interiors, and the finish is durable and easy to maintain.            

  • Matte black 

Door furniture in a matte black finish gives a luxurious feel to modern interiors. Matte black door handles have risen in demand since homeowners opt for contemporary black details in their furniture pieces and home décor. 

The matte black door hardware comes in a collection that complements internal doors: door hinges, latches, locks, keyhole shields, and bathroom thumb turns and releases. 

This bold colour can make a powerful statement when added to any door type, especially if matched with natural wood finishings.

  • Chrome polish

Chrome door handles display a neutral tone suiting modern styles that will never be considered dated. Prevalent are the ones on rose because they have a minimalist presence on the door's facade.

The chrome polish offers a sense of continuity regarding the door's general cosmetic when fitted with additional chrome fixtures, fittings, and furnishings in either a reflective polished finish or smooth satin.

The cool tone of chrome matches many other household furniture and furnishings, making it the best choice when you need to coordinate other fixtures and accessories in your home or office.

Lever Latch Door Handle Polished Chrome

Capri Lever Latch Door Handle Polished Chrome - click on the image to visit the product's page


Other popular styles include:

  • Dual-Tone or Two-Tone hardware
  • Antique Brass or Aged brass
  • Nickel finishes
  • Wood or china finishes
  • Glass encrusted
  • Polished Brass
  • Copper


Mocho Lever Bathroom WC Door Handle Polished Brass - door hardware in styleMocho Lever Bathroom WC Door Handle Polished Brass Pair - click on the image to visit the product's page


What is door hardware? 

Door hardware or door furniture refers to door handles, door levers, door knobs and the plates they are attached to.

A door without suitable door hardware looks incomplete, and the selection of door handles or door knobs you choose will be an important detail that will showcase your home's tasteful design.

Door hardware links together various design details improving the natural flow within the property, from one room to another. Although small in size, these items need to complement the overall design scheme of your home.

Moreover, the door furniture must be suitable for its purpose, be durable and fit for carrying out its role day-to-day. There are many alternatives in terms of size, type, and design. But where do you start?

What is door hardware


Should door hardware match throughout the house?

If you would fancy creating a bespoke style for each room, you can use a mixture of unique door handles throughout the house. You will need to carefully choose the surrounding accessories to create a pleasant and chic combination of styles.

When aiming for uniformity across the whole property, you should look at using the same door and handle style.


Latest door handle and door knob designs  

Internal doors are an indispensable practical feature inside any property, serving as privacy dividers and entrance points connecting separate living areas.

A contemporary four-bedroom residence may typically have between 11 and 18 internal doors reaching even higher in more traditional properties. Choosing the best door handle or door knob design will need to match the needs of your home, keeping the look consistent with the style of your home as a whole:

  • Lever handle on rose – Simple and highly versatile, this handle suits most homes. The 'roses' where the handle attaches can be rounded or squared, with designs encompassing modern, minimalistic and classical trends.  
  • Lever handle on a backplate – is a classic door hardware style that matches exceptionally traditional layouts. However, these come in many contemporary designs and finishes to suit modern living spaces. 
  • Traditional mortice door knobs – match more conventional interiors.
  • Modern mortice door knobs are frequently used in more contemporary contexts, often having a glass or a smooth glossy finish.
  • Rim knobs – are used with a rim lock and are an excellent match for traditional and period settings.

Crystal door knob

Lever door handles or knobs? 

Door knobs are great for a more discreet look. They also offer flexibility in terms of where they can fit on the door.

Thanks to its timeless appeal, this type of door hardware can be found in historical buildings and modern dwellings. 

Door handles are easy to use on domestic and commercial premises alike and are more modern than door knobs.


Commercial Hardware Finishes

In commercial buildings, the building's utilisation is usually the primary driver in selecting the door hardware.

Satin chrome - is the most wanted style as it offers a modern look that fits in with most commercial buildings' styles. 

The chrome is added on top of another metal to provide extra strength and endurance to corrosion. Thus it is very durable and withstands more wear-and-tear. 

Choosing the best style of door handles and door knobs for your property, be it for commercial or private use, might seem a chore, especially when you have to think about locks and latches as well.

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