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Why you need wall and door hooks

The question of why you need wall and door hooks is perhaps a question most people never ever really ponder. You see coat and wall hooks are silent heroes in the home that offer convenience and sometimes, more than a little style.

In this article, we look at the benefits of both wall hooks and coat hooks in the home, as well as give you an idea of the sheer amount of choice available.

What styles do door and wall hooks come in?

Well, just like most other products found in the Hiatt online store, there are many different options to consider. Let's have a look at what we mean a little closely.

A myriad of coat hook designs are available - 

types of hooks

When shopping for door hooks (i.e.products that fit to doors) online, it can actually be quite tricky, as the choice available is replete with wonderful-looking products that meet all of your functional and style needs. Amongst them you'll find:

the same goes for wall hooks!

When looking at wall hooks (Hook products that fit to the wall), the same wide array of choices is available, which typically include items like:

So, as we can clearly see when talking about coat hooks and wall hooks, there's more than a little variation in what the result will look like. However, their aesthetic qualities are far from all they offer. Come with us now as we look at the advantages they provide.

Benefit #1 - Undoubtedly More Convenient

Whether they serve as clothes hooks, towel hooks, or coat hooks, the convenience that's provided is certainly hard to ignore.

As well as ensuring your living space is not taken up by discarded clothing. Door hangers and suction hooks in the bathroom provide a place for hanging towels, and coat racks in the living room offer a space to hang coats and scarves.

Suction cups are even easier to install in the bathroom, as they don't even require you to drill holes in the wall. Even on a lazy day, that's an easy job to complete!

coat hooks provide extra storage for a very low cost

coats hanged on hooks

Move to the bedroom and you'll see that plastic and metal wall coat hooks make the perfect addition to provide extra storage space and the perfect way to keep the floor space clear.

Whichever way you look at it, the robe hooks and coat hooks you buy make everyday living more than a touch more convenient and at an incredibly low cost. As you can see by visiting our store, most will cost you less than £10!

Benefit #2 - Extra Character For Your Door

hooks on a door

Door hooks really add that extra dose of character to your doors. If you happen to have a door hook installed, visitors to your home will notice the difference as soon as they enter.

Moreover, the style of door hooks you choose in coordination with the style and material of the door as well as your choice on the matter will complement the overall effort you’ve made in decorating your home.

 Installation is usually a 5-10 minute job!

The good news is that if you consider yourself handy, you'll have no trouble installing a coat hook or indeed a wall hook. Then you'll have a place to hang not just coats, but also your bags, dog leads and anything else you need on a regular basis.

All you'll need to install most door hook products or coat racks is a spare 5-10 minutes, a drill and a screwdriver.

Benefit #3 - A Great Place For Visitor Coats & Garments

guests coming in

The door hook also offers oodles of convenience when you have guests over. As such, a coat hook right next to your entrance is ideally suited, particularly when the house is crowded.

As the guests keep on coming, they can hang their coats on these hooks, removing the need to stash them in the closet or lay them on an upstairs bed! You can opt for a hook rack or single hooks as per your particular preference.


Often we buy things by their looks only to later find out that they were, in fact, a waste of money. Door hooks deliver exactly what they say on the box.

That said, the true value of door hooks, wall hooks, and coat hooks is only properly evident once you start using them.

Who Knew Humble Wall Hooks & Door Hooks Were So Helpful?

It's hard to ignore the benefits that door hooks offer to your home, although they do much of their best work without us even noticing. However, you would immediately notice if they weren't there, as finding places to hang towels, coats and more in the home would become harder and more frustrating.

Door hooks offer physical and practical convenience and are available for what represents a tiny fraction of most people's home improvement budgets. Door hooks truly are the unsung heroes that simply make living life easier.

Also, if you install door hooks closest to the areas you change clothes, the convenience level goes up even more - especially when they're located in children's rooms that need all the help they can get!

So, before you start spending hundreds of pounds on sophisticated storage solutions that take up space, why not consider adding some top-quality door hook products to your living room, bedroom, and bathroom doors and walls?

That's it from us this time. We'll see you again soon!