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Shed Door Hinges

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If you’re installing a new shed or are looking to give your existing shed an aesthetic upgrade, shed door hinges are essential. Good quality shed door hardware is key to completing your shed’s design and security.

Luckily, whether you need a high-strength door hinge or a more decorative option, at Hiatt Hardware, we have just what you need to ensure your garden shed looks stylish and stays secure.

The best shed door hinges for style and security

Most shed doors are wooden and open outwards, so garden shed door hinges must be strong, resilient, and resistant to outdoor elements as they are fitted to the outside of the shed and are surface-mounted.

At Hiatt Hardware, our shed door hinges are made from solid, durable materials like stainless steel and iron. This ensures that your new outdoor hinges will continue to do their job and look good for years to come.

If you want to keep your shed door safe and secure with a strong hinge, the length of the hinge you choose is important. Shed door hinges come in various sizes and even thicknesses which means hinges are better suited to different kinds of shed doors.

Shed door hinges that measure up to 200mm are light duty, up to 400mm is medium duty and hinges over 400mm is heavy duty. So, if you are looking for a shed door hinge that will support a heavier shed door, you should choose a longer hinge for increased support and durability.

The different types of shed door hinges

There are many types of shed door hinges for you to choose from, each offering different qualities and benefits. From design to finish, choosing the right hinge for your shed door helps you get the performance, style, and level of security that you need.

Here, we’ll focus on the two most popular shed door hinges.

  1. T Hinges

The most common type of shed door hinge is the T-hinge.

T-hinges have a short cross T shape that attaches to the door jamb and a longer strap that fixes across the front of the door. Their longer length means T hinges are strong and reliable but are generally best suited to more lightweight shed doors.

T-hinges tend to have a more traditional style and can often be seen on gates and external doors too. They come in a variety of styles and finishes, from classic Tudor styles in powder-coated black iron to more simple and modern stainless-steel T hinges.

  1. Butt Hinges

If your shed door is a standard framed door, you could choose a solid butt hinge. These hinges are often used on external house doors, but you can also add them to your shed doors too.

Butt hinges are designed for heavier use over a long period of time and are crafted to withstand outdoor elements, from hot weather to cold and wet weather.

These hinges will be smaller and more subtle than other external shed door hinges. So, if you want a more straightforward, minimal shed door design, butt hinges could be the solution.

Shop shed door hinges at Hiatt Hardware

Shed door hinges are an essential part of finishing your shed door design, all while adding security too.

Choosing the right hinges and fixings for your shed has never been easier than at Hiatt Hardware. Browse our collection of solid, reliable shed door hinges to find the right style, shape, and finish for your needs.

For more security, why not consider adding a sturdy, weather-resistant padlock and resistant door bolt?