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Door Bolt

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The door bolts from Hiatt Hardware are bracket secured bolts that can slide across a door to enhance the security of your home.

Commonly referred to as flush bolts and gate bolts, door bolts can be made from steel, chrome, or brass and come in different designs for different settings. Door bolts are designed to enhance a premise's security, especially in sensitive areas in commercial, private, and domestic settings. 

These bolts are mortice types of locks installed at the edge of a door. They feature a ridged key used to lock and unlock the bolt in place.

At Hiatt Hardware, we offer a wide range of door bolts to choose from. They include:

Door bolts are available in either surface bolts, rack bolts, or flush bolts.

Surface bolts

Surface bolts are commonly used as an extra security measure to keep stable doors sturdy or hold doors. They can be found as cranked or straight, where the latter type is used on flush surfaces while cranked bolts are used on right-angled surfaces.

Flush bolts

Flush bolts are used to keep a slave door or pared doors securely locked in place. These types of bots are morticed on the side edge of a door with the bolt shooting up or down the doorframe.

Rack bolts

Rack bolts are the best choice for enhancing security on exterior doors. They can be morticed in place at the top or bottom edges of the door as the bolt extends down or up the doorframe.

With any of the door bolts sold at Hiatt Hardware, you are guaranteed the security of your premise. We strive to offer you only the best door bolts, whatever your needs are.

Buying your door bolts from Hiatt Hardware ensures you enjoy same-day delivery or orders above £50 placed before 3 pm on weekdays. For smaller orders, your delivery will be done on the next workday. 

We have been in the locks business for more than 30 years and are rated 4.9/5 by more than 3700 clients. The order placing process is easy through our website. 

Choose your door bolt, fill a delivery form, choose a payment method, and wait for your rim lock to be delivered.