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Door Stopper

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A door stop is an item that holds the door open, closed, or prevents it from opening widely. Our door stops are designed to prevent your door from swinging through or slamming hard against the wall.  

Wide Variety of Door Stops

We offer a wide range of door stops to choose from. Our door stops are available in different sizes and shapes, and y can get low or high, wide or narrow, and square or round pieces. 

There are various materials to choose from like chrome-plated, brass plated, satin stainless steel, polished stainless steel, satin chrome, polished chrome, and rubber material. Our rubber door stops come with anti-slip rubber composition. 

Rubber door stop | Chrome door stops | Floor door stop

You can choose between fixed or detached door stops. If you prefer fixed door stops, then they will come with all the accessories like screws. You can screw your fixed doorstops on the wall or floor. 

Why do You Need a Door Stop?

Apart from blocking your door, you can use our door stops as a decorative component. Use our excellent quality door stops to prevent your wall and door from unnecessary damage. 

Further, choose a door stop that meets your decor theme in your home. You can even ask our team to customize your pieces, depending on your needs. 

Do you have young children? If you do, then our door stops are a must-have gadget. They will help protect their fingers from getting hurt should the door slam unexpectedly. 

Use Your Door Stop as a Decorative Item

If you are a home decor enthusiast, you can exercise your creativity with our diverse range of door stops. All you need to create a breathtaking interior is to consider all the details in your home.

You want to match your door fittings style with the doorstop to create a beautiful result. You can even buy different colours and designs to create a playful yet simple effect. 

When it comes to our products, one can never be enough. But several pieces and exchange them depending on the season or your mood. 

We Value Our Customers

Your satisfaction is what motivates us. We strive to develop excellent door stops that meet your needs. You can even discuss your unique preferences with our team, and we shall work together to actualize your dream. 

Reach us today and place your order before 3 pm. If you live in the UK, your order will arrive the next day. What’s more, you will get free delivery for orders above £65. 


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