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Silver Hooks

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  1. Decohooks
    Oval Base Hat & Coat Hook - Satin Nickel
    £4.44 £3.70
    2 reviews
    • 4 out of 5
    • Steve
    • Good value, look great. The hooks are sturdy and well finished. The screws and wall plugs supplied with the hooks are ok, but a bit cheap. The screws are easily chewed up if you need to apply some force. But not a big issue, as you're buying a coat hook here, and can use better quality screws of your own.
    In Stock | SKU: 469534
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44 products

You've viewed 30 of 44 products

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If you recently relocated to your new home, you must be super excited about this great move. However, the thought of unpacking and organizing the space is overwhelming. 

Your coats are among the most stressful things to organize, but that does not have to be the case with nickel hooks.

The main challenge, however, comes in selecting the right door hooks for easy organization. 


The first and most crucial aspect to consider is the material and construction. It would be best to have a hook that can take heavy coats' weight and serve you for an extended period. 

Metal hooks are the most recommended over plastic. They are strong, and you do not have to worry about bending and breaking.

The Finish

Consider the design and finish of the coat hooks. It would help if you went for a finish that will retain its good look even after years. 

Metal products are known to offer timeless value as they do not go out of style. They were there decades ago and will remain fashionable even in years to come.


You can find affordable nickel coat hooks in the market. However, do not let the urge to save money push you to select inferior quality products.

With these three tips, you will undoubtedly find the best quality nickel hooks at a reasonable price.

Satin Hooks

Whether you are looking to improve your room's aesthetic or looking for a perfect storage solution for hats and coats, you cannot go wrong with satin hooks.

They are a great accessory that, besides improving your room's appearance, saves you from leaving piles of clothes on a piece of furniture near the entrance.

Satin hooks allow you to keep coats and hats organized while maximizing accessibility and adding a touch of style to the area near your door. The best part is that you do not have to be an expert to install the hooks like a pro. 

As soon as you purchase yours from a reliable provider, here are practical steps to guide you through satin hooks installation.

Necessary tools to install satin hooks

You may need masking tape, tape measure, marking pen, level, drill, and screws for the installation process.

How to install the satin hooks

  1. Make sure that the anchors are not too long to avoid going through the door. 
  2. Measure the right installation place, which should be at the centre, using a tape measure and use the marker pen to mark the location.
  3. Put the hook above the marked area and mark the screw holes. 
  4. Drill the pilot holes and make sure that they are straight before putting in the anchors. 
  5. Put the hoots right on top of the anchors and tighten the screws.

With these installation tips, your hooks are ready for use.


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