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Night Latch Cylinder

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Give your home security a boost by securing your doors with a new sturdy night latch cylinder.

If your night latch needs a new cylinder, look no further than our collection of night latch cylinders here at Hiatt Hardware. Our collection includes a variety of finishes and strengths, so you can rest assured that your property remains secure and protected.

What are night latch cylinders?

Night latches are strong, easy-to-install locks that are used on entrance doors to keep them safe and secure. They are used on doors that open inwards and will automatically lock as the door closes. You can only open the night latch using a key from the outside, but they can be closed, locked, and opened using a lock button and latch on the inside.

They have a straightforward design, featuring a lock cylinder, a backset with a lock button and latch, and a keep, which sits inside the door frame.

Night latch cylinders are the mechanism by which you insert the key at the front of the door. The cylinder passes through the hole drilled through the door and is held in place with a washer.

The cylinder features a metal ‘tail’, which is turned by the key and operates the latch, allowing you to open or close the door.

How to use a night latch cylinder

You can purchase night latch cylinders as replacement mechanisms that can stop you from needing to replace an entire night latch.

Installation is easy, too, as you can simply remove the existing cylinder and slide in the new cylinder.

Night latch cylinders at Hiatt Hardware

Browse our collection of night latch cylinders to find a variety of styles to match your door locks and other accessories. From bold brass to cool chrome and sleek satin, our night latch cylinders are sure to suit your doors.

Using only top-quality materials, our night latch cylinders are robust, durable, and long-lasting, so your major entranceways can remain safe, secure, and protected for the long term. All our night latches come with keys too!

If a new night latch is what you’re looking for, be sure to check out our complete collection of night latches. Here you’ll find a variety of night latches to add an extra level of security to your home.