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Double Locking Nightlatch

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Your safety and security at home are important, so making sure your external doors have robust, solid locks is a key step in keeping your home protected.

Double-locking night latches are an excellent way to keep you and your belongings safe due to their strong construction and robust locking mechanism.

At Hiatt Hardware, your safety is important to us, so we stock a variety of double-locking night latches to suit any property’s needs.

What is a double-locking night latch?

Night latches are common door locks found on most front doors, as when they close, the night latch automatically latches the door shut. They are mounted onto the surface door that opens inwards and on the inner side of the door too.

With regular night latches, you use a key to open the door from the outside and a tab to secure the lock from the inside. However, double-locking night latches have an additional feature of a key lock on the inside, too, so you can be extra sure that your door is locked and secure.

Why choose a double-locking night latch?

Double-locking night latches are one of the most secure types of door latches that are ideal for any front door type, particularly wooden and glass-panelled doors.

On glass-panelled doors, a double locking night latch ensures that should a burglar break the glass, they can’t actually open the door unless they have the key.

How do double-locking night latches work?

When you unlock the door from the outside, the main bolt is pulled back and automatically locks into place as the door closes. On a normal night latch, a simple button allows you to double lock the night latch. But with a double-locking night latch, you can use the key to secure the lock.

A double locking night latch is a face-fitted design that has both left and right-handed operation, so it can be fit to any door, regardless of the orientation.

Double locking night latches at Hiatt Hardware

At Hiatt Hardware, all our double-locking night latches are made from sturdy, robust materials that ensure your locks are solid, strong, and durable. In addition, each night latch is supplied with a set of keys and all the fixings you need to fit your new night latch.

You can also combine your night latch with other locks, like a mortice deadlock, for additional protection.

Choosing reliable locks for your front door is essential for keeping your home, family, and belongings safe and protected. Check out our complete collection of door locks to find more ways to secure your home.