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Door Knobs

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  1. Elite Knobs & Handles
    Silver Band White Ceramic Door Knob With Chrome Rose (Pair)
    £9.96 £8.30
    3 reviews
    • 5 out of 5
    • Mr BILL B
    • I found that installing as a replacement tricky. The biggest obstacle being the two countersunk screws that retain the bezel. My doors had already had a clearance hole too large. I made a mount plate from thin galvanised steel to overcome the issue. Had this been on a new door it would not have been a problem. Also slight misalignment of the latch meant the plastic protective washer is biased to one side. The outside diameter is such close fit, combined with its 8mm square centre hole, that the handle sticks unless either are adjusted to prevent it rubbing.
    In Stock | SKU: 4215SP
Set Descending Direction

46 products

You've viewed 30 of 46 products

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Door knobs, or mortice door knobs, are a timeless, traditional style of door hardware. Their simple, rounded shape offers a versatile, compact choice for your interior design, particularly smaller rooms throughout the home.

At Hiatt Hardware, we have a wide variety of styles, colours and finishes available; there is undoubtedly a design to suit every interior style preference. From door knobs with a high-shine, glossy finish for a traditional effect to those with a muted, mattified finish for an on-trend style.

The door knobs are available with two different mechanisms:

  • Sprung – the knob will withdraw automatically when turned
  • Unsprung – the knob will turn freely without any spring-back action.

Unsprung mortice doork knobs will need a heavy-duty latch or lock mechanism. We understand this can sound difficult, so check out our article: "What is the difference between a sprung and an unsprung doorknob?" to find out more. For information on how to fit a mortice door knob, read our informative guide: "What is a mortice do knob and how to fit one".

Follow the links below to discover our collection by style or finish. For information on whether our door knobs are sprung or unsprung, please check our product descriptions.

Brass Door Knobs | Black Door Knobs | Ceramic Door Knobs | Crystal Door Knobs | Glass Door Knobs | Chrome Door Knobs | Gold Door Knobs | Silver Door Knobs | Victorian Door Knobs | Antique Door Knobs | Modern Door Knobs

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