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Thumb Turn Lock

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A Thumb Turn lock does not need a key to lock from the inside. These locks are for indoor use and are designed for bathrooms or bedrooms. They can unlock swiftly during an emergency and this makes them a safe choice, particularly for children.

What to consider when purchasing a thumb turn lock

When comparing different thumb turn lock options, you will want to consider function and style. When looking at a range of finishes and designs available, take into account the style of the home. Moreover, think about the security needed as you compare different options.

It is also important to take into account the door design where you will be installing the thumb turn lock and take measurements before buying.

Door design

Before you buy thumb turn locks, ensure it works on your doors. If you are using the lock on a door with predrilled holes or an existing one, make sure you measure the hole’s diameters and ensure it will completely cover the openings.

Furthermore, take the measurements of the backset – distance from the edge of your door to the centre of the hole and the door stile’s width. Also, consider the thickness of your doors. If the thickness is different from the thumb turn locks’ standards, you may be required to buy conversion parts to make sure the lock works with your doors.


Thumbturn locks come in four different styles and finishes. This allows you to select the model that complements the style of your home. When choosing a style, know that antique bronze and oil-rubbed bronze living finishes that change over time. Polished brass tarnishes when exposed to light, that is why they are specifically made for indoors.


Hiatt Hardware offers four types of thumb turn with different designs and prices. They include:

  1. The Bathroom thumb turn release and set dual tone nickel

    Comes with dual-tone nickel and goes for £7.98. It has a 50-millimetre diameter and the pack has one set of thumb turn and release with fixings and spindle.

  2. Thumbturn lock polished chrome

    Has a 40-millimetre diameter and costs £3.00. It has a decorative polished chrome finish and it is made of solid zinc construction. Fixings are included in the purchase and it is suitable for internal doors.

  3. Bathroom thumbturn and release set – Chrome

    This design has a polished chrome finish. The pack comes with one set of thumbturn, fixings, and spindles. It has a 50-millimetre diameter.

  4. Bathroom thumbturn and release set – brushed nickel

    The design has a satin brushed nickel finish. It also has a 50-millimetre diameter and the pack comes with a set of thumbturn and release with fixings and spindle.


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