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Mirror Plate

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Also known as picture plates, mirror plates are an easy and effective way to securely hang up mirrors, pictures, frames and more.

A great, sturdy option to decorate your space with artwork, we have a variety of mirror plates available to choose from here at Hiatt Hardware. From larger mirror plates to those with a slotted hole, ideal for hanging, we have just what you need.

What are mirror plates?

Mirror plates are small pieces of metal that are designed to sit flat against the back of a frame, which is then used to secure the frame to the wall using screws.

When installing, please always make sure you check the area for any underlying pipes, cables, and wires so you can avoid any unwanted damage.

Why use mirror plates?

Mirror plates are so versatile and sturdy that they have several excellent benefits.

  1. Your frame is securely held on the wall and can’t be removed unless you use a screwdriver.
  2. The frame will sit flush to the wall so it doesn’t lean forward.
  3. Your frame won’t be easily dislodged if someone knocks it as they go past.
  4. You can accurately position and secure your frame on the wall.

The best mirror plates at Hiatt Hardware

Our mirror plates have a solid construction using top-quality materials like brass. They feature three holes, most with three normal screw holes, but some have two screw holes and a slotted hole, like our 38mm Slotted Mirror Plate.

All our mirror plates will come with the screws you need for installation. But, if you are hanging anything particularly heavy, then you may need wall plugs, longer screws and heavy-duty plate fixings.