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Coat and Hat Hooks

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Coat and hat hooks

The hooks can change your daily routine by keeping your coats and hats organized and accessible. They also give you a chance to personalize your entryway. Hooks are typically placed in the entrance to your house or under the stairs where you can store hats and coats without hassle.

Hiatt Hardware has an extensive range of coat and hat hooks ranging from traditional to sleek and modern designs. The hooks also come in different styles, colours, and materials. This makes it super-easy for people to find their preferred choice.

What to consider when purchasing hat and coat hooks

Material and design

Hooks come in different materials and designs. Homeowners who want to maintain that traditional look in their homes prefers choosing wooden hooks. Those who are after a modern and sleek look go for stainless steel hooks.

It is also crucial to match the material and design with the home’s décor. If your furniture is traditional go with the usual wooden hooks. Conversely, if your décor is modern and made mainly of glass, purchase sleek, and stainless-steel hooks.

Plastic is the preferred choice in most homesteads as it creates a balance between a traditional and modern look.

You might also want to consider whether the hooks are oilproof and waterproof. Waterproof hooks are suitable if you hang your hats and coats in bedrooms, kitchens, or bathrooms.


We offer hooks with wide applications. These hooks are an ideal home improvement choice for your window, basement, kitchen, bathroom, or more. Besides, they can be used in different places and you can hang anything you want.

Durability and strength

Durability and strength are very important elements when it comes to hooks. Most people look for non-destructive and super strong hooks that can serve them for years. It is also crucial to pick those that can stick firmly to any kind of surface like ceramic tiles and painted doors.

Furthermore, before purchasing a hat or a coat hook, inquire whether it is capable of heavy use. Some hat hooks are a little thin to hang coats on them. Therefore, consider the clothes you are hanging, if they are heavy go for strong hooks. Conversely, if they are light go for thin hooks.


Hat and coat hooks come in different sizes and shapes.

Some hooks are sold as a single unit such as the standard hat and coat satin nickel hook and acrylic tipped hat and coat hook. Others are sold as multiple units screwed on a single wooden board like the 6 white hat and coat hooks on a ridged whiteboard, 4 antique brass hat and coat hooks on pine board, etc.

The size you choose should correlate with the available space in your homes and the number of clothes that need hanging.

For instance, if the wall is cluttered with other things like paintings or pictures, you should go for a single hook. Also, if you are planning on hanging three to four of your favourite coats or hats, you should go for a unit that comes with multiple hooks.

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