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Bathroom Robe Hooks

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Bathroom robe hooks are essential for everyday use. Whether made from stainless steel, plastic, wood, they come in a range of styles. These hooks allow you to hang your robe or towels whenever you exit the shower.

Wide Application

When purchasing bathroom hooks, it is advisable to determine if they are versatile. That is, whether they can be used to hang robes, belts, swimsuit, brushes, loofah, coats, keys, clothes, purse, towels, etc. This helps you save space and keeps your bathroom tidy.


Self-adhesive wall hooks or Screw-in wall hooks?

Another thing to consider when purchasing a bathroom hook is the ease of installation. Some need no drilling. In others, you just have to remove the protective film of the hook and stick it on the wall.

When it comes to installation, bathroom hooks are categorised into two types.

Wall-mounted hooks come in different types:

  • The first one being self-adhesive wall hooks. They do not need any drilling and are very easy to install.
  • The second type is the screw-in wall hook.

These hooks are hardwearing and durable. To properly install them, you need the correct fixings.


Bathroom Hooks | Aluminium, stainless steel hooks or plastic hooks?

Hiatt hardware sells bathroom robe hooks of different materials, making it easier for customers to find the material of their choice.

  • Stainless steel hooks have great strength and are durable.
  • Aluminium bathroom hooks are rust-resistant, hard-wearing, and lightweight. 
  • Plastic hooks are more affordable.

Functionality and aesthetics

Single hook | Double set of hooks | Triple set of hooks

When purchasing a bathroom hook, you should consider different criteria regarding aesthetics and functionality.

You should ask yourself whether you want a single hook, double or triple set of hooks.

If you want a triple set of hooks, should it be vertical or horizontal? Also, consider the height of your children who are going to use the bathroom.

Moreover, think carefully about where you’re going to fix the bathroom robe hooks.

Most people fix them on the back of the door, but it is worth taking into account the distance between the door and the shower or bathroom before choosing this solution.

It would help if you positioned the robe hooks on a partition or wall closer to the shower to increase convenience.

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