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Door Closer

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An important and necessary piece of safety hardware, door closers ensure doors can close securely and safely every time.

Current regulations mean all fire doors require a door closer to make sure that the fire door closes correctly after it is opened. So, door closers are particularly important in workplaces, commercial settings, and even residential buildings with communal areas such as apartment blocks.

At Hiatt Hardware, we have a range of top-quality door closers that are suitable for keeping your doors safe, secure and in line with regulations. But first, you might be wondering what is a door closer and do you need one?

What is a door closer?

Door closers are devices that close a door automatically after it is opened. They are fastened to the door and frame with an arm that connects the door to the body of the door closer.

A door closer means your door will close securely after someone passes through. This allows your property to be less vulnerable to unauthorised access, thieves and more.

Particularly for doors with access control, a door closer will make sure that the door closes after being opened, engaging the lock and securing the door. Any doors with a maglock, electric lock, or strike will all need a door closer.

Using a door closer means you can keep your property secure, reduce air flow, allow you to even save on air conditioning and can help prevent the spread of fire and smoke in the case of a fire. When fitted to fire-rated doors, the door with close behind any occupants as they exit the building.

Generally, residential properties don’t require a door closer, but if your property has multiple occupants and any fire-rated doors, it is likely you will require one.

The different types of door closers

There are a variety of different types of door closers on the market. From surface-mounted door closers to concealed door closers, there is certainly a door closer to suit your requirements.

When choosing your door closer, there are a few things to consider. These include the location and type of opening, the volume and frequency of door traffic, the type, size and weight of the door, the door swing and whether it needs to sit on the inside or outside the door.

Here are some of the most popular types of door closers.

  1. Surface Mounted Door Closers

The most common form of door closers is a surface-mounted door closer.

These door closers are easy to install and come in a range of sizes, applications and more. Many surface-mounted door closers even come in a finish to match other door accessories, like handles and hinges.

Surface-mounted door closers are the best option for doors that have low to medium levels of traffic, like shopfront doors. These are the most economical door closer options that require only a small amount of drilling or cutting.

The Silver Overhead Door Closer is the perfect surface-mounted door closer available at Hiatt Hardware. In a sleek silver finish, this door closer will match other door accessories like silver door handles, letterboxes and more.

  1. Overhead Concealed Door Closers

The next most popular door closer is an overhead concealed door closer.

Overhead concealed door closers are best suited to medium and heavy traffic entryways and a variety of different door styles. These door closers are installed out of sight, such as inside shopfront doors and frames.

The best door closers at Hiatt Hardware

Your safety and security are important when it comes to finishing your door design. Door closers are essential for some door styles to keep them closed, secure and safe. When it comes to regulations and whether your door needs a door closer, always check with the standards required.

Choosing the right door closer for your door is simple with Hiatt Hardware. Browse our collection of solid, reliable door closers to find the right solution for your needs.

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