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  1. Decorails
    4 Antique Brass Clothing Hooks on Artificial Wooden Light Oak Hook Board - Decorails
    £15.00 £12.50
    1 review
    • 2 out of 5
    • Margaret H.
    • I sent this back and asked for a refund because the oak board looked very inferior. It was sort of yellow with a gaudy wood grain on it, and did not look at all like the other oak items I have in my flat. It almost looked like plastic imitating wood. I didn't like the look of the antique brass either. In replacement I bought a different hat and coat rack from Hiatt, chrome on a white board.
    In Stock | SKU: 186518
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273 products

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Types of Hanging Hooks

Hanging hooks are a small but important detail in any home. Hanging our stuff up helps to keep things organised and conveniently stored. Whether hanging up clothing items in the hallway or porch, or keeping things tidy in the bathroom or kitchen, door and wall hooks are indispensable.  

Hooks are also useful for curtains, and for hanging things around the home, such as pictures on the wall and plants from the ceiling, or screw and cleat hooks for the garage, shed or garden.

Coat Hooks & Bathroom Robe Hooks

Probably the most common use for hooks in the home is hanging up clothing items. This keeps them at hand when we need them. For example, hanging up coats, jackets, hats and scarves by the front door or having your bath robe hanging conveniently on the back of the bathroom door.  

Coat hooks and bathroom robe hooks come in a variety of types, styles and finishes, from single item hooks to multiple item hooks to multiple hook rails that fix to a wall or door. They’re available in traditional and modern styles, decorative or utility, in different materials, such as steel, brass, iron, ceramic, plastic and more.   

Door Hooks

Door hooks enable you to hang items on the back of doors for convenient storage. This often includes clothing such as coats and bath robes, but could really be anything that will fit over a hook – handbag, suit bag, umbrella, dog lead, the list goes on. Door hooks can be screwed into place or fixed with an adhesive strip.

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks offer as much utility as door hooks, with perhaps slightly different usage. While wall hooks provide the same convenience as door hooks, they are also used for storing a wider range of items, for example kitchen implements such as tea towels, oven gloves, for hanging ornaments, or for holding back curtains.

Unlike door hooks, wall hooks are often supplied with wall plugs as well as screws for fixing to plaster or brick.   

Double Hooks & Triple Hooks

It’s common to find both door and wall hooks as double hooks and triple hooks. This enables multiple items to be hung up from a single fixed hook. Double hooks are often found in the bathroom and triple hooks are ideal for hanging multiple clothing items that are used together, such as coat, hat and scarf.

Hook Rails

Hook rails are a row of several hooks fixed to a wooden baton or as part of a metal design. They are often used where separate items need to be hung up together, such as in a home hallway, storage cupboard or porch.  

Over the Door Hooks

A more flexible way to hang items up on a door in the home is to use an ‘over the door hook’. This is a type of hook that’s shaped to fit over the top of a door. Over the door hooks can be single hooks or hook rails. They’re great to hang your stuff temporarily or in places unsuitable for drilling screw holes or using adhesive strips.

Cleat Hooks

Cleat hooks have a single hook at either end, facing in opposite directions. The classic cleat hook design is for securing string or pull cords, or for securing rope or line to posts or walls. Cleat hooks in the home are used for holding up window blinds, securing curtain pulls or washing lines.  

Screw Hooks

Screw hooks do not require fixings. They screw directly into a door or wooden baton. Screw hooks are often used to store utility items in a garage or sometimes they are used to hang plants, temporary lighting, garden items or even as cable guides. They are supplied individually or in multi hook packs.

Picture Hooks

To hang pictures on your walls ideally requires a specific type of hook. Picture hooks can be fixed to a wall with screws, nails or adhesive strips. Picture hooks are sometimes supplied as picture hanging packs with hooks, line, fixings and a level included.

Other Useful Information 

Discover more about different hook types and how to fit and maintain them with expert Hiatt Hardware articles and how-to guides. In the Hiatt Hardware Blog you will find a wide range of guides and DIY inspiration articles on a variety of topics to help you get the most out of your home and garden. 

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