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Tubular Latch

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A tubular latch is a spring-assisted mechanical device that keeps doors closed without using a lock. The tubular latch also allows you to open and close through the door knob or door handle. It is the most common type of latches on the market.

The latch comes with a steel casing which makes it simple to fit – often with a single drilled hole. This eliminates the need for joinery work with a chisel or jig, needed to fit larger lock cases or latches. Consequently, the tubular latch is a favourite among DIY and Joiner enthusiasts.  

Tubular latches come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and quality levels. It is important to take into account the type of tubular latch you should use as it has a huge effect on how your new door handles operate.

Here are the four types of tubular latches available at Hiatt Hardware:

Economy tubular latch

This latch is the basic tubular. It is commonly used in budget projects. It is a one-piece latch with a fixed faceplate. The latch is used when you are on an extreme budget. 

Standard tubular latch

It has the same basic components as the economy latch but it has a higher build quality. It is commonly used by developers on large projects and housebuilders where budget is still a deciding factor. It lasts longer than the economy tubular but it is not highly recommended for maximum longevity, quality, and smooth operation.

Double sprung

This is the most used tubular latch. It is of high quality and durable thus offering years of smooth operation. It has two springs. A separate spring on the spindle is followed by a heavy action spring that makes sure levers return to a horizontal position.

This latch is an excellent choice for doorknobs or lever handles as it is available in lengths of up to 150 millimetres.

Heavy spring

This is the most durable and strongest latch. It has all the features that come with a double sprung latch but has a far more powerful return spring. They are highly recommended in fitting door knobs or handles that are heavy or unsprung.

If you are looking for a particular size, material or finish to fit your door, use our filters or the links below to browse our products and find the perfect fit for your requirements. For example, discover our collection of:

If you have any doubts about choosing the right tubular latch for your door, just give us a call and one of our specialists will assist in recommending the right one.

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