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Turnbuckles are pieces of hardware that are used to adjust the tension or length of ropes and cables to keep them kept taut and eliminate slack.

What are turnbuckles?

These unique ironmongery products are diverse and versatile, being used in many different applications in many industries. Turnbuckles can be used in small projects, like adding tension to a fence or cable, to larger projects, like a suspension bridge.

Turnbuckles are available in many sizes and types, but choosing the right turnbuckle for your needs is essential for safety and security.

Generally, all turnbuckles have similar designs. This consists of a main body with two end fittings on either end. The end fittings connect to the item that you are securing and the securement point, like the ground or a wall. The turnbuckle is then tightened or loosened to adjust the tension and slack of the cable or rope it is attached to.

Shop for turnbuckles at Hiatt Hardware

Our selection of turnbuckles here at Hiatt Hardware are strong and robust, perfect for many different applications both inside and outside.

We craft our turnbuckles from top-quality materials like zinc so that each turnbuckle will withstand frequent use and exposure to the elements if used outdoors. With a variety of sizes available, we’re confident we have the perfect fit for your project.

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