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Kitchen Cabinet Handles

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  1. Elite Knobs & Handles
    Nappa Knurled Cabinet & Drawer Handle - Antique Brass - 128mm - Elite Knobs &...
    £8.88 £7.40
    2 reviews
    • 5 out of 5
    • Janet Swinney
    • Good product. Not as 'brassy' looking as I was hoping. I was expecting something a little yellower, but the knurled bar just looks like steel. However, I like the design and the texture. Would be really great if they were available in copper. Good price compared with other outlets. Speedily delivered.
    In Stock | SKU: 486008
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177 products

You've viewed 30 of 177 products

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Choosing handles for your kitchen cabinets is a simple and easy process if it’s done the right way.

Appearance and functionality are important factors when choosing kitchen cabinet handles. The right handle displays a serious and appealing visual impact, elevating your old or new kitchen in a way that is effortless and easy.

Besides, when you think about the number of times that kitchen door handles are used throughout your daily undertaking in your kitchen, it becomes clear the joy and value that an effective and appealing cabinet handle brings is worth the investment.

Types of kitchen handles

Our kitchen door handles come in many different types, which means that you will find one that suits your taste and preferences. At Hiatt Hardware, we offer the following types of kitchen cupboard handles:

Bar handles

This type of handle involves a single-piece design and has no extra features.

Bar handles are usually installed horizontally across the top of your cabinet door, creating an unobtrusive and discreet look, which is great if you have minimal decors.

The bar handles also displays a refined liner accent. This makes them a great choice for kitchen interiors that are inspired by clean lines.

Cup handles

Cup handles display a curved look to your kitchen space. The rounded look of the cup-style fixtures displays a decorative appearance suitable for kitchens that have heritage designs.

The cup handles should be fit in the centre of the kitchen cabinet door front where they can be gripped on the underside.

T-bar handles

They are fitted horizontally with two visible fixings positioned underneath the bar.

T-bar handles are simple to use and have outstanding functionality which makes them a popular choice for most households.

D-shaped handles

Comprise of a horizontal bar that curves down at both ends. They are installed to the front of cabinet handles.

D-shaped handles have a timeless look that is suitable for all trends. The ergonomic shape makes them simple to use as the style is easy to grip.

These cabinet handles are a popular choice for many homes with older family members.


They have a simple, round style that has an appealing look making them a popular choice for individuals wanting to add elegant features to their kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs are small in size which makes them suitable for people who want to reduce visual clutter in compact kitchen layouts.

Flush handles

Flush handles are used to create a clutter-free and sleek look. They are commonly used in modern kitchen layouts. The flush handles also add a geometric and bold look to a kitchen space.

If you are looking for a particular size handle, material or finish to fit your door, use our filters or the links below to browse our great range of products and find the perfect fit for your requirements. For example, discover our collection of:

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