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Cup Hooks

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If you are looking for a versatile, cost-effective small storage solution for your home, cup hooks could be the perfect solution.

What are cup hooks?

Sometimes referred to as ceiling hooks, cup hooks have many uses around the home, from hanging cups to creating unique storage solutions for utensils, keys and more.

Cup hooks feature a small C-shaped hook with a screw at the end, meaning they are ideal for hanging from walls, ceilings, and shelves. As a result, many will use cup hooks to hang up a hanging basket or even to hang indoor plants from the ceiling.

How to install cup hooks

Installing a cup hook is simple and quick - you only need to drill a small hole before screwing the hook into place.

Before installing, always check there are no wires, cables, or underlying pipes to avoid any damage.

Please note: Depending on the surface you are drilling into, you may need to fit a wall plug first to ensure your hook is secure.

The best cup hooks at Hiatt Hardware

Finding ways to maximise space in your home can be challenging. Cup hooks offer a great solution to clear away small clutter items like mugs and keys to hang up larger items like plants to create more space within your property.

Making sure you choose solid and strong cup hooks is important to prevent any damage or accidents. At Hiatt Hardware, we have an array of sturdy, robust and long-lasting cup hooks available to suit any project. With hooks ranging from solid metal to hardened plastic, we have what you need.

We also have a collection of screw hooks, which can be used in a similar manner. Browse our selection of screw hooks to find more styles, finishes and designs.