To properly clean the doors, mix wax and polish remover into a container. Put steel wool in the mixture for a while. Then swab the door. Ensure you do this steadily by going with the grain from top to bottom. Wait for a few minutes before wiping the dirt and grease from the door using a dry cloth. It is recommended that you turn the cloth regularly while wiping to avoid dirt accumulating in one spot which may affect other parts of the wood. Wait for a day before applying the finishing oil to make sure it is dry.

Hide Screws

To make screws totally unrecognizable, you can use plugs made of wooden do-welling. Clamp the do-welling using a G-clamp and cut it to a suitable length. The do-welling should be a diameter wide. Ensure that the hole made is clean. You can use glue in large amounts. Finally, use a mallet to put the wood in place.


Make sure you get rid of any excess glue before it dries. You can use a damp sponge. Allow the glow to sit for a while and then saw the peg off. You have to ensure it’s flush with the door’s surface. It is advisable that you use a fine-toothed handsaw to get rid of the peg as it has a flexible blade.

Make sure the blade is level and put a thin card under the saw’s teeth to protect the doors when working. Now use abrasive paper to rub the surface smoothly

Fill the gaps

Using a wood filler to fill the cracks, holes, and gaps in the door, and ensure that the can’s lid is tightened after using the wood filler. Add a little water if the wood filler is too dry. If the wooden door is damaged on the surface, use wax filler sticks to repair it. Wax is reliable and durable.

Restoring sheen

First, use a natural brush, a scouring pad, or soft cloth to apply a coat of finish oil to enhance the door’s natural colour. Wait for approximately 10 to 20 minutes to wipe oil excesses. If you wish to add another layer of coating, do so after a 5-hour interval. Adding more coats to the door improves the sheen leading to a durable finish. Use a dry, soft cloth to get rid of any surplus oil.

Replace door hinges

Sometimes, you are required to replace your door hinges especially because they have become distorted or rusty. You can replace them with handcrafted tee hinges. If possible, it is recommended you use the old holes when fixing new hinges. If you want a clean finish, you can also replace the handles. For durable and reliable interior door handles, click here.

If you want to use new holes, use a bradawl, and then screen the door hinges into these holes. Test the door after a few screws are put on the holes. Open and shut it a few times and then put the remaining screws into the door hinges. That is if you are totally sure that no adjustments should be made.

Remove Tarnish

Most people often neglect the brass latch which results in the accumulation of tarnish. To protect the door and remove tarnish, apply masking tape.  Then using a cotton cloth soaked in brass or cooper cleaner, get rid of the tarnish.

At times, removing tarnish can be challenging. If you find it hard to remove tarnish, add a few drops of cleaning fluid in a bowl, and then soak a pad. Use the pad to remove the tarnish. Rinse the cloth and allow it to dry before using it again.

Use Polish

Finally, apply brass and copper polish to the wooden door’s brass parts. Ensure you scrub vigorously to get the best outcome. Use high quality and durable polish. Moreover, make use of a card template and ensure you keep it with polish. This prevents you from getting the polish on door parts you do not want to polish. It is also recommended that you keep the hinges polished regularly.