The kitchen is a vital part of any home not only because you create meals here, but it is a place where family communicates with each other. Whether you are throwing a house party or expecting guests over, the kitchen always ends up being the centre of attraction.

Updating your tired kitchen does not need to be expensive or time-consuming. You will be surprised how easy and cost-effective way it can upgrade your kitchen with the simple steps shown below or watch our new video.


Start by emptying the cabinets and drawers and put away any appliances, utensils and any other random bits stuffed in them. You should also use this opportunity to throw away any non-essential items or clearing your rubbish collected over time.


If you are a perfectionist, you may want to uninstall the cabinet doors and drawers from the cabinetry before you start painting them. However, if you are not too bothered you can leave them on. You will now need to remove all the cabinet handles and knobs fitted on these.


Deciding on the cabinet colour is one of the major choices you will need to make during kitchen reformation. Darker colours will make space look smaller while lighter shades enlarge the living area. Whatever colour you choose, create a statement for your cabinets in contrast to your kitchen walls and countertops.

Lay down dust sheets to protect your floor. Sand down the existing paint off the cupboards to smoothen the wooden texture and apply a coat of primer paint before you leave it to dry. This should be followed by two coats of wood paint for a rich looking finish.


Choosing handles for your kitchen cabinets is a simple and easy process if it is done the right way. Appearance and functionality are important factors when choosing cabinet handles. The right handle displays a serious and appealing visual impact, elevating your kitchen in a way that is effortless and easy.

Besides, when you think about the number of times that cabinet handles are used throughout your day, it becomes clear the joy and value that an effective and appealing cabinet handle brings it’s worth the investment.

At Hiatt Hardware we offer a huge range of kitchen handles to help you create your dream kitchen hassle-free. With a bit of creativity and Hiatt’s help, you can cook and bake in style. Your new and refreshed kitchen will not only become your favourite place but will also inspire your family and friends. Check out our cabinet handles collection here.


Install the cabinet handles and ensure the fixings are tightened. Put back the drawers and the cupboard doors on the cabinetry.

You can finish off by organising the utensils and appliances in the storage places to make the most of the space.

Give your kitchen the upgrade it deserves. Don’t Wait!



Kitchen handles come in many different types, which means that you will find one that suits your taste and preferences. At Hiatt Hardware, we offer the following types of kitchen handles:


Involves a single-piece design and has no extra features. Bar handles are usually installed horizontally across the top of your cabinet door, creating an unobtrusive and discreet look, which is great if you have minimal decors. The bar handles also displays a refined liner accent. This makes them a great choice for kitchen interiors that are inspired by clean lines.


Cup handles display a curved look to your kitchen space. The rounded look of the cup-style fixtures displays a decorative appearance suitable for kitchens that have heritage designs. The cup handles should be fit in the centre of the kitchen cabinet door front where they can be gripped on the underside.


They have a simple, round style that has an appealing look making them a popular choice for individuals wanting to add elegant features to their kitchen. Kitchen Cabinet Knobs are small which makes them suitable for people who want to reduce visual clutter in compact kitchen layouts.


Flush handles are used to create a clutter-free and sleek look. They are commonly used in modern kitchen layouts. They also add a geometric and bold look to a kitchen space.