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How to Upgrade Your Kitchen in Minutes

When trying to enhance the look and function of your home, perhaps the main focal point is the kitchen. It's such an important place in most homes, as it's where you eat and where the whole family convenes and interacts with one another.

It's also a place in which you can hold dinner parties, talk over personal problems or even just sit down for a cuppa with a friend after a long day.

With this in mind, here we look at how to upgrade your kitchen in minutes. The good news is that the budget kitchen ideas we'll be giving you can be actioned by anyone with a modicum of DIY talent. So, if you've got your notepad and pen ready, we'll begin.

Step #1 - Declutter Your Surfaces

cluttered kitchen top

As any good tradesperson will tell you, a good job starts with good prep and in this case, that means getting rid of clutter from your worktops and kitchen cabinets.

It can work wonders just by putting all of your utensils and other odds and ends away in drawers and stashing those seldom-used items away in your upper cabinets.

Good storage solutions can make all the difference

The same principle applies when dealing with a kitchen island or open shelving - just get everything unnecessary away, so you have got clear work surfaces.

If you find that you've got too much 'stuff' accumulated, you should try and be as ruthless as you can with what you keep and throw away. Typically, if an item hasn't been used in 6 months, throw it!

If not, and you simply can't bear to part with your purchases, perhaps put some up in the loft or invest in some extra cost-effective storage space.

Step #2 - Paint Kitchen Cabinets & Doors

painting kitchen cabinets

The next of our budget kitchen ideas is to refresh the paintwork of your kitchen - something that can have a truly transformative effect. You don't need to be an expert either, as anyone can pick up a paintbrush and add some new, vibrant hues.

Whether you're looking to go for a new colour scheme or simply refresh the existing one, a new lick of paint can have a big impact on old kitchens.

What's more, it's a job that doesn't take too long and can be achieved for a relatively low cost - meaning this particular step is one that most wood kitchens will benefit from.

To Uninstall or Not to Uninstall - That's Up to You!

When applying a new coat of paint or two to your kitchen cabinets, you can obviously take the easy route if you prefer.

This usually requires the use of masking tape to protect other surfaces or to uninstall each door and cabinet drawer, paint it and replace it.

It's not a bad idea to take out the dishes, plates, and whatever else you have in your cabinets to protect them against paint splashes. As careful as you might be, it happens.

The path you take is up to you, as both options are valid ones. Whichever you feel will result in the best, cleanest result is the right option for you.

But how do you decide on the best colour?

Finding the best colour scheme for your cabinets is a key part of the process, so you need to have some kind of idea of what kind of look you're aiming for.

Here's a rule of thumb when deciding on dark versus light colours:

  • Lighter colours create a lasting impression, as they help to increase the levels of ambient light in the home. This extra new light then bounces off your white appliances, resulting in your kitchen space looking larger.

  • Darker colours, however, will make your kitchen look smaller. If you're lucky enough to have a large kitchen then great, but darker hues can be too minimising. Again, it's a call you're going to have to make.

Also, before you start, remember to lay down dust sheets to protect your floor. Also, as per standard practice when re-painting wood, sand down the existing paint off the cupboards to smoothen the wooden texture.

Then apply a coat of primer paint before you leave it to dry. Obviously, you won't be using spray paint, so be sure to get a good quality matt/gloss emulsion and some good brushes.

Then simply add two coats of whichever colour of wood paint you chose, for an uplifting, rich-looking finish that will impress.

Step #3 - Adding New Cabinet Hardware

kitchen cabinet hardware

Next, we look at another quick style enhancement that can be achieved for a minimal cost - adding new kitchen cabinet hardware.

Able to provide a wonderful touch of sophistication to your cabinet doors and drawers, there's a wide range of cabinet handles, drawer handles, and hinges available.

Let's take a look at just some of the design possibilities.

  • Traditional cabinet knobs - if you're looking for a simple, yet effective option for your kitchen cabinets, traditional cabinet knobs are available in a range of colours, such as ceramic, oak, delightful lilac glass, or antique brass.

  • Cabinet cup handles - another option is cup handles for kitchen cupboards, which come in a selection of attractive finishes, like brushed brass, pewter, polished chrome, and matte black.

  • Cage cabinet knobs - a distinctly unique look is offered by the beautifully designed cage design that's available in a number of, metal finishes, such as antique brass, satin nickel, and black.

  • T-bar handles - looking equally appealing on both kitchen drawers and cabinets, T-bar handles - that come in brushed brass, black nickel, and brushed nickel - often feature a knurled surface that makes gripping easy - even when your cooking gives you wet hands.

  • Other decorative handles - there are also some other stunning decorative handle options like gooseneck pipe, nordic ceramic antique brass, and polished brass plated handles.

  • Cabinet hinges - handles are not the only point of consideration, however, as your cabinet door options also include hinges, that come as blum hinges, flush hinges, and butt hinges in all of the same finishes already mentioned

At Hiatt Hardware we offer a huge range of kitchen handles to help you create your dream kitchen hassle-free. With a bit of creativity and Hiatt’s help, you can cook and bake in style. Your new and refreshed kitchen will not only become your favourite place but will also inspire your family and friends. Check out our cabinet handles collection here.

Step #4 - Allow Some Nature Into Your Kitchen

plants in a kitchen

When creating a new look for your traditional or country kitchen, many focus on allowing the most nature in as possible - and for good reason.

What do we mean by nature? Well, firstly, you should be cleaning your windows to allow in as much natural light as possible. That way, you get a brighter kitchen for no extra cost.

Hanging baskets also help to improve things

Another great way to enhance the interior of your kitchen is to add some house plants that add a certain extra something. Combined with plants in hanging baskets outside, you can enjoy a wonderful new aesthetic that puts you closer to nature.

Step #5 - The Power of a Good Clean!

cleaning the kitchen

We're looking at quick and effective ways that can allow you to spruce up your kitchen within minutes and so we simply had to mention the uplifting effect of a good clean.

Whether talking about your cupboard doors, stainless steel sink or vinyl flooring, it's all going to look way better when everything is clean and shiny. In fact, it's one of the most important factors involved in making your kitchen look fresh and new.

budget kitchen ideas involve cleaning cabinet doors

During your cleaning, you should remember to give all of your appliances a good once over, so as to let that brilliant white shine through. Your refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher can all be used in this way - or buy new appliances if you can afford them.

Of course, if you happen to have marble worktops, avoid using anything harsh or abrasive or you might end up scratching the surface. Remember also to give your kitchen walls some attention.

Improving Your Kitchen Doesn't Have to Involve a Renovation

As we've seen in this article, improving the look of your kitchen doesn't have to take an age to install or cost a fortune. Much of the hardware we've mentioned costs just a few pounds and only requires a small amount of time to add.

So, just to recap, if you focus on decluttering and painting, as well as adding new drawer and cabinet door hardware, you'll not only have extra kitchen space, but you'll also get the improved look that you're aiming for.

Top things off by adding a few house plants and having a good clean, and you'll get a cost-effective way to improve your kitchen without having to go through the hassle of a refurbishment or renovation.

All that remains to be said is good luck in your home improvement project and remember to check out our online store for all your cabinet hardware needs.