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The best door hardware for wooden doors

wooden door in a living room

Wooden doors are extremely popular in homes across the United Kingdom, due to their long-lasting characteristics and aesthetic qualities.

Durable, amazingly attractive and easy to maintain, both external and internal doors made from this natural material are rightly sought-after.

When combined with the wide range of door hardware that exists on the market, the wooden doors in your house can be taken to the next level.

Irrespective of the type of wood that's used to make residential and office doors, you'll find a number of different styles available.

So, come with us now as we look at the different types of wooden doors and the appropriate door furniture that's best able to complement your home's decor.

The Door Furniture That's Available

various door hardware

You might be surprised at the sheer amount of door knobs, door handles, and other door accessories that are available. Amongst the many options, you'll find at the Hiatt online store, including the following:

Whether talking about door handles, door knobs, eye viewers, or letterboxes, you'll find a perfect solution to the type of wooden door you have in your home.

Now that we know what kind of thing is available, let's look at how different options complement each type of wood.

Finding a Cohesive Look For Oak

Oak is one of the densest, heaviest, and most durable hardwoods in existence - hence why it's been used to create external doors for centuries.

It's also a wood that's very resistant to fungal and insect infestations, meaning that any door made from it is of high quality.

So, how do you find the right door furniture that complements the natural colour of oak? Well, oak comes in a variety of shades covering the complete spectrum of hues.

So, let's cover all bases by looking at dark oak, followed by the best door handles, door knobs, letterboxes, and more for light oak.

Best Door Handles & Accessories For Light Oak

Best Door Handles & Accessories For Light Oak

When your home's front door is made with a lighter oak, the current trend is to complement this with steel or chrome door handles.

Many choose to opt for a chrome lever handle, rim lock, letterbox, and escutcheon combo, as it sets light oak off perfectly.

Other hues that work well with light oak include:

different finish handles for light oak door

The truth is, light oak is a versatile colour that's commonly used for both external and internal doors. In terms of complementing colours, there's a variety available, so long as you stick to lighter hues, it's going to look amazing!

Best Door Knobs & Accessories For Dark Oak

dark oak door

When attempting to match your door hardware to dark oak, you're typically dealing with richer, warmer tones that require a different design approach.

Unlike light oak, dark oak can be complemented using a variety of light and dark tones, meaning that you've got a degree of choice in front of you.

You could go with a lighter-coloured option with a smooth polished finish or black rim knobs, door handles that many modern interiors feature.

Also, suiting dark oak you'll find a number of interior design possibilities:

  • Antique brass door hardware (offering a Victorian feel for period properties)

  • Black nickel door handle & accessories (also coming with a knurlPoled texture for better grip)

  • Matt black - a colour used for many contemporary handles

different finish handles for dark oak doors

Whether talking about an entrance door, bathroom door or doors for other rooms made from dark oak (or at least with a dark oak finish) these options represent a good choice.

The final decision on which door handle, hinge and latch combo you use, however, is completely yours to make.

Best Door Handle & Hardware Options For Beechwood Doors

beechwood door

Our next type of wooden door is beechwood - which is typically restricted to internal use due to the fact its lack of ability to repel moisture and the outside elements once cut.

When choosing door handles and hinges for the rich, light, and warm tones of beechwood, you can again look at both light and dark colours that go with your overall interior design scheme.

The internal door handles and door knob options include the following:

  • Stainless steel door handles (Use widely in offices and other public settings)

  • Antique brass door knobs (For established or victorian period homes)

  • Black handles with a knurled grip

  • Brushed nickel door handlesdifferent door handles for beechwood door

An important factor to remember is that you've not only got to find the right door handle, latches and locks meeting industry standards to complement beechwood, but also the rest of your interior design - be it using modern interior door handles or traditional.

Door Handles For Pinewood Doors

pinewood door

There are many practical benefits to pine doors - a wood that's used extensively in modern homes, however mainly it's mainly seen as the best internal door material.

That's because pine isn't terribly hardwearing, however, it is a great example of why sometimes durability isn't an issue. That said, it's not an expensive wood, so you might choose pine partly to save money.

Pine is an AFFORDABLE option to consider

Selected carefully, the installation of the right door lever handles, door knobs, hinges, and latch hardware will, generally speaking, provide both functionality and style.

Whichever room in the home you're dealing with, the best internal styles of door handles will include:

  • Polished brass door handles on backplate (for a wonderfully traditional look)

  • Polished chrome door hardware

  • Black door knobs & accessories

  • Antique brass door handle optionsdifferent door handles for pinewood door

Whether you go for a lever handle on back plate with its distinctive shape or a door knob in high traffic areas can depend on functionality and ease of use.

This comes increasingly into focus when the door needs to be pulled open and closed by someone elderly or with disabilities on a regular basis - something that may steer you towards lever handles.

Best Door Knobs, Levers Handles & More For Cedarwood Doors

Another popular option used for doors in the UK is cedarwood, which offers a number of useful benefits to the homeowner that installs them.

For example, it's a durable wood that does well in humid climates, as well as being a natural insect repellent (useful in those Summer months) and great for soundproofing.

Cedarwood is also naturally beautiful

What can't be denied, however, is the beauty offered by cedarwood, as its rich and satisfying tones bring warmth into any room they're featured in.

Some of the many door handle and hardware options include:

Once again, you find yourself with a choice to make, as they're all great options that add to the outward appearance and style of cedarwood.

Best Door Handle & Hardware Options For Hickory

While hickory is technically a hardwood, it's not really hard enough to be used for exterior doors - mainly as it's a wood that can expand when exposed to moisture.

Finding the right door handle, hinge, and latch combination for what is wood with rich, dark brown tones is relatively simple, as we'll be approaching in the same way as we would dark oak.

So, again, we have the option of both dark and light complementing colours:

Black door handle & accessory options

Each of these options will give your hickory door a lift, as do similar choices like stainless steel, brushed satin, and brushed nickel.

Combined with other door hardware, the finish of your handle connects with your hinges and escutcheons for an all-around great look.

Best Door Options For Mahogany

mahogany door

We now look at one of the hardest woods available for internal and external doors in the home - mahogany. It's actually tougher and more robust than oak!

In terms of style, there is perhaps no more opulent and rich feel offered than what mahogany provides, which is why you'll often find it used in professional settings.

What door handles and accessories go with mahogany?

Literally shouting class and sophistication, mahogany offers a surprising amount of versatility when it comes to the door furniture you can pair with it.

As such, you can use:

  • Stainless steel handles or knobs

  • Black lever handles & accompanying accessories

  • Polished/brushed/antique brass (for a truly authentic & impressive look)

In terms of style, mahogany is both a practical option and one that delivers more than a little style to your home. Use the right exterior and interior door furniture and that style will go through the roof!

There's a Dazzling Array of Modern & Traditional Options Available

As we've seen in this blog, you've got more than a few options to choose from, whatever type of wooden door you have installed in your home.

Whether you've got a traditional period property with solid oak throughout or a modern, contemporary bathroom with pine doors, you'll find a dazzling array of locks, letterboxes, and hinges in a range of styles, finishes, and shapes by taking a look at the Hiatt Online Store.

Furthermore, in comparison to the cost your wooden doors, you might be surprised about just how easy they are on your wallet. Regardless of whether you end up choosing antique brass or brushed nickle products, it won't break the bank.

Thanks for taking the time to read through our article. We hope that by doing so, you've got a new appreciation for the sheer amount of choice available to you.

That's it from the Hiatt team for this time. Check back in with us again soon for more hints tips and advice from the home of premium door locks, handles and more.