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What are knurled handles?

As you can see by visiting the Hiatt Hardware online store, we have a wide range of knurled door handles in a number of attractive finishes that include brushed brass, black and antique brass.

With a uniquely distinctive appearance, knurled door handles are becoming increasingly because of the aesthetic effect they provide and the fact they allow the user to get a good, firm grip.

You're likely wondering why pick knurled handles? Well, as well as delivering that popular knurled feel, a knurled finish exudes quality. That's not all though, as we'll discover moving through this article.

So, what exactly are knurled door handles?

Well, knurling happens to be a manufacturing process that results in a pattern that features angled or crossed lines etched into the part of the handle that people grab when they open the door.

Reminiscent of the industrial era, knurled door handles take their inspiration from a bygone age, offering an eye-catching look.

How are knurled handles manufactured?

The ridged texture you get on a knurled door handle is the result of the steel rods being put into a lathe and spun at exceptionally high speeds.

Creating unique handle features on the grip section of the handle with a centre bore and a good deal of skill, the distinctive criss crossed diagonal lines are found on door handles and cabinet knobs.

What is the purpose of knurled handles?

Rather than being invented to provide improved aesthetics or to meet the interior design trends of the day, knurling was a process introduced to provide a better handle grip.

Compared with standard or traditional polished brass handles, knurled handles allow the proper purchase to be had, all but eliminating the chances of your hand slipping off.

Of course, knurled knobs do have their appeal in terms of the interior design styles they complement, but they're largely the result of a happy accident in the quest for improved grip.

How do you clean knurled door handles?

Cleaning the door handle

Whichever type of finish you have on your knurled door or cabinet handles, they all present the same issue when it comes to cleaning. As such, the detailed diamond cut pattern is one that requires a gentle approach.

Well, firstly, you should be sure to only use a mild detergent spray for cleaning, applied with a moistened cloth.

What we wouldn't recommend is using any kind of aerosol spray or metal cleaner, as you risk tarnishing, especially when talking about brass.

What type of knurled door finishes are available?

So, as we mentioned a short while ago, there are a number of design possibilities offered by knurled door handles. Let's take a closer look at the many options you have available.

Satin brass

brass knurled door handle

Our first option - satin brass - is a classy choice that blends the rustic with the contemporary. Satin brass has a matt sheen, meaning it's not too flashy, but it's far from being dowdy either.

Satin brass offers subtle, impactful tones that align with pretty much any colour scheme. Depending on where you buy yours, you'll discover a range of satin muted colours available.

Antique Brass

Antique brass knurled door handle

The next of the available choices are antique brass door or cabinet handles, which come as either brass-plated or solid brass options.

With deep brown undertones that make the metal just a little darker than satin brass, but also a little lighter than Carlisle brass, the low-lustre finish is one that will stay looking amazing throughout its lifecycle.

Offering one of the warmer metal tones, antique brass knurled handles go very well in vintage decors, such as victorian or colonial designs.

Matt Black

matt black knurled door handle

Another great option is matt black. Unlike solid brass, this is a modern, yet sophisticated finish that will complement most homes.

Matt black provides a style of knurled door handle that is a popular choice for bathroom doors and cabinet handles due to the fact that they hide watermarks very well.

Even away from these areas, the black design also hides a multitude of sins in terms of smudges and other types of dirt.

Polished Chrome

Looking at another modern, yet retro-themed option, we have polished chrome door handles and kitchen cabinet knobs.

The benefits of polished chrome door handles include rust and corrosion resistance, as well as ease of cleaning


black nickel knurled door handle

Our next popular knurled finish is nickel, which offers a number of possibilities. Available as either satin nickel, black nickel (for a darker finish), polished nickel or even brushed nickel

This bright hardware is able to add texture to your home, as well as an aesthetically pleasing result. It's not one of the cold colours, so it's a finish (like matt bronze and brass) that's best suited to the living room or your kitchen cabinets.

A World of Design Possibilities Are Available

Whether you choose to go for antique brass knurled door handles or brushed brass knurled knobs for your cabinets, there is a world of design possibilities available to you.

Offering both practical benefits and a truly unique aesthetic, knurled handles should certainly form part of your consideration when putting together your home improvement plans.

We hope you've found our article both useful and interesting and that it has highlighted exactly what knurled handles offer. Thanks for reading and be sure to check back in with us for more tips and advice from the home of quality door hardware.