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What is a traditional lock? Well, until smart locks came along, they were described...not as traditional locks...but as simply door locks!

However, smart locks have arrived and they're becoming increasingly popular, so how can you tell if they represent something you should switch to?

Well, the smart locks vs traditional locks debate is one we shine a light on here to provide some clarity on the subject. We'll cover the benefits and drawbacks, so you can make informed decisions about your home security.

What Exactly Is a Smart Lock?

Essentially, a smart lock is one of those new smart devices that use Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi to keep your home secure against would-be intruders.

While traditional locks use physical keys to open and close, a smart lock allows homeowners to use keyless entry. Typically managed via a website or a mobile phone app, the right people are let in while keeping others out.

Other Features are often included with smart locks

Smart Lock With Unique Features

As well as removing the need to cut a physical key for every family member, a number of other features are offered when you get the right smart lock.

For example, you can allow certain people to gain access to your home, while only giving access to your cleaner between 10-12 am each day.

They can also be set up to notify the homeowner exactly when people arrive and depart. The question is, where is the smart money spent - on regular door locks or these new electronic options?

So, How Do You Choose Between a Smart Lock & a Traditional Lock?

Traditional Door Lock And Smart Door Lock

Look at the smart lock market and you'll see that this new wave of technological wonders offers a number of additional security features. But does that mean they're a more secure lock than traditional mortise locks?

Well, to help you decide which is the most secure lock, we now look at the pros and cons of smart locks.

Pro #1 - Smart Locks Work Via a Smart Phone

Smartphone Unlocks Smart Door

One of the most useful features associated with a smart door lock is that it can be managed from your smartphone. After downloading your smart lock's dedicated app, you can manage your home security centrally, allowing you to lock remotely.

What smart door locks will spare you from leaving home and worrying that you didn't lock the front door. With a smart lock, you can simply log on to your app and check - super convenient, we'll think you'll agree.

Con #1 - Technology Doesn't Always Work

Malfunctioning door lock

One issue smart locks have when compared to traditional deadbolt locks is that technology doesn't always do what it's supposed to. How many times has your phone or laptop stopped turning on for no apparent reason?

Most smart locks, if not all, will have a locking mechanism that only locks one door i.e. the main door. This means you've only got remote control over that one door lock.

In order to get complete control over your external door locks, much more expensive smart home systems are required.

if a smart home device of any kind malfunctions, it can be tricky, but when it's your front door, you're locked out! Moreover, regular professional locksmith services may not be able to help you get back in!

Pro #2 - Keyless Entry Is Really Convenient

Smart Lock With Keyless Entry Feature

When compared to regular rim locks and pin tumbler locks that require a physical key, there's no doubt that it makes life easier.

No more fumbling around in your bag for your key fob, with the automated version simply triggering your home locks to open and let you in or obeying your voice commands.

Much more convenient than a manually engaged traditional door lock, wouldn't you say? This may be true, but it's not quite as simple as that.

Con #2 - Smart Locks Can Be Hacked

Hacking Into Smart Lock Interface

One of the primary weak points associated with smart locks and other smart home devices is that they operate over the web.

And while an experienced burglar might not be able to pick its spring-loaded pins in the traditional way, someone with hacking skills can break in.

Hack in via either wi fi or remotely using any number of different methods and your home security instantly becomes compromised.

You see, while its anti-picking benefits are obvious, poor security protocols can be targeted across your network. So, while it seems like there's added security in place, it can be disengaged and engaged electronically by hackers.

Con #3 - Smart Locks Depend On a Power Supply

Smart Lock Requires Power Supply

Mortise locks and other common door locks may not be as impressive as the range of smart locks on the market, however, they offer a certain immutable level of solidity - with anti snap features - and more.

However, the extra security features offered by smart locks count for nothing if the power supply disappears. Typically speaking, smart locks are battery-operated and both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be quite thirsty in terms of power.

As such, if you don't keep an eye on whether your smart lock battery is low on power, you could find yourself with a problem - or worse, you leave your home at the mercy of intruders.

Con #4 - The Extra Cost of Installation

Expensive Lock High Cost Installation

Something else that must be considered when choosing between smart locks and traditional options is the aspect of cost. While regular door locks cost as little as £10 (without installation), smart locks are considerably more.

In fact, they're a lot more. The smart locks themselves can cost upwards of £199 and that's before you start talking about installation. Installation can cost almost as much as the lock itself - meaning as much as £200!

The total amount you'll pay for smart locks will depend on how sophisticated the lock is, and what your front door is made of.

The complexity of the installation can also drive the price up considerably, so it can cost you a pretty packet when all is said and done.

Smart Locks - Convenience That Comes With a Risk

Expensive Smart Lock At Risk Of Being Hacked

As we can see if you choose to opt for a smart lock over a traditional lock, the process of locking your home and keeping it secure, does, at first, look much easier. However, this convenience does come at a cost - and that cost is an increased security risk.

The problem is that when new technology comes onto the market like this, many it's just a matter of time until burglars work out how to circumvent them, and with hackers as prevalent as they are these days, your system could be breached by anyone with the equipment and know-how to do so.

As such, it would seem that getting the right lock doesn't always mean going for the newest and shiniest thing on the market. So, these new smart devices may look impressive, but we think that they still aren't quite as reassuring and dependable vs conventional door locks.

The good news is that we stock a wide range of top-quality door locks and other hardware at the Hiatt online store. Whatever you need for modern and established properties can be found there in an array of attractive finishes.

Thanks for reading. We hope you found this article useful and trust you will join us again soon for more from the home of top-quality door hardware.